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Making accurate decision on profit and loss on crypto currency (make $10,000 with accurate calculation)

What is profit and loss (PandL) and how to calculate it

Profit and Loss refers to the financial gain or loss from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. To calculate it, use various method like the FIFO, LIFO, YTD, and more!

Anyone who has dealt with trading in traditional finance is likely to be aware of profit and loss (PandL). But is PandL in the cryptocurrency world the same? The ability to comprehend terms like mark-to-market (MTM), realized PandL and unrealized PandL will help develop a better understanding of the cryptocurrency a person holds.

Without a well-defined process to get insight into profit or loss, cryptocurrency trading may be overwhelming, and traders may struggle with what they are doing. PandL reflects the change in the value of a trader’s positions over a specific period.

To gain a clearer understanding, let’s examine it in the context of cryptocurrency trading.

Understanding the basics of PandL

PandL in crypto refers to the calculation of the profit or loss made on a cryptocurrency investment or trading position. It is a metric used to evaluate the financial performance of a trader or investor in the crypto market.

To begin, here are some key terms in PandL terminology:


MTM refers to the process of valuing an asset or financial instrument based on its current market price or fair value. For example, in the context of crypto trading, if an investor holds a certain amount of Bitcoin


tickers down


, the value of that Bitcoin will fluctuate based on the current market price.

The general formula for calculating PandL is:

Suppose the MTM price for Ether


tickers down


today is $1,970, while the MTM price yesterday was $1,950. In this case, the PandL is $20. It indicates a profit of $20. On the contrary, if the MTM price of ETH was $1,980 yesterday, it indicates a loss of $10.

Future value

Future value indicates the value of a digital coin at a future point in time.

For example, if a trader stakes Tron


tickers down


worth $1,000 with a 4% yearly reward, how much will the person get back after a year? The answer is $1,040. At the time of staking, the present value will be $1,000, while the future value will be $1,040.

There will be a present value at the point when the trader stakes, but if the person considers the future as a whole, there could be countless future values.

There is a different way to use future value as well. Traders could ask how much to stake to get $1,040 in a year. If they know the present and future values, they could calculate the discount factor. examples:

Realized PandL

Realized PandL is calculated after traders have closed their position (sold the cryptocurrency they hold). Only the executed price of the orders is taken into account in realized PandL, and it has no direct relation to the mark price.

The mark price is the price at which a derivatives contract is valued based on the current market price of the underlying asset rather than the price at which the contract is being traded.

The formula for realized PandL is

An example will help understand how to calculate realized PandL. If the entry price for buying X number of Polkadot


tickers down


is $70 and the exit price is $105, the PandL for the period is $35, which refers to a profit of $35. However, if the closing price of the trade was $55, the PandL will be $15, but it will reflect a loss.

Unrealized PandL

Unrealized PandL refers to the profit or loss that is currently held in open positions but has not yet been realized through closing the position. The formula for determining unrealized PandL is:

Donald has purchased ETH contracts with an average entry price of $1,900. The mark price of ETH is currently $1,600. The unrealized PandL for Donald is the difference between the average entry price and the mark price.

Unrealized PandL = $1,900 – $1,600 = $300

How to do PandL calculation

To determine PandL in cryptocurrency, a trader needs to find the difference between the initial cost of acquiring a digital coin and the current market value of the same coin. Various methods to calculate PandL in cryptocurrency are as follows:

First In First Out

The FIFO method requires the seller to use the price of the asset from when it was first bought. Here is the process to calculate PandL using the FIFO method:

1) To settle on the initial cost of the cryptocurrency, multiply the purchase price per unit by the number of units sold.

2) To determine the current market value of the asset disposed of, multiply the current market price per unit by the number of units sold.

3) To find the PnL, deduct the initial cost from the current market value.

Suppose Bob first bought 1 ETH at $1,100 and a few days later bought 1 ETH at $800. A year later, he sold 1 ETH at $1,200. As he had first bought ETH at $1,100, this price will be considered the initial cost. Applying the FIFO method, Bob could calculate PnL as follows:

Bob’s initial cost = (1 ETH x $1,100) = $1,100

Current market value = (1 ETH x $1,200) = $1,200

PandL = $1,200 – $1,100 = $100 (profit)

Last-in, first-out (LIFO) method

The LIFO method requires the seller to use the most recent purchase price of an asset in the calculation. The other aspects are just like the FIFO method. Here is the PandL using the LIFO method using the same example as above:

Bob’s initial cost = (1 ETH x $800) = $800

Current market value = (1 ETH x $1,200) = $1,200

PandL = $1,200 – $800 = $400 (profit)

Weighted average cost method

The weighted average cost method requires traders to determine the average cost of all units of a digital currency in their portfolio to arrive at the initial cost. Here are the steps to calculate PandL using this method:

1) Determine the total cost of all units of the cryptocurrency. Multiply the purchase price per unit for each transaction by the number of units of the asset and add the numbers.

2) To arrive at the weighted average cost per unit of the digital coin, divide the total cost of all units by the number of units.

3) Find the current market value of the cryptocurrency sold. Multiply the current market price per unit by the number of units sold.

4) To determine PandL, subtract the average cost per unit from the current market value.

Suppose Alice bought 1 BTC at $1,500 and a few days later bought 1 BTC at $2,000. She later sold 1 BTC at $2,400. Here is the PandL using the weighted average cost method:

Total cost = (1 BTC x $1,500) + (1 BTC x $2,000) = $3,500

Weighted average cost = $3,500 / 2 BTC = $1,750

Current market value = (1 BTC x $2,400) = $2,400

PandL = $2,400 – $1,750 = $650 (profit)

Profits/losses from opening and closing positions

Analyzing open and closed positions at regular intervals is an efficient way to monitor performance. An initial purchase a person makes in the market is an open position, while selling the cryptocurrency is termed closing the position. If a trader buys 10 DOT, it is an open position. When the trader sells those DOT, the position gets closed.

For example, if a trader bought 10 DOT for $70 and sold them for $100, the person’s PandL would be $30 ($100 – $70). Regular analysis of trades in line with open and closed positions helps a person trade in an organized manner.

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What Is an NFT And How to Create An NFT | Make $500 Above

What Is an NFT?

NFTs are digital assets that can represent ownership of unique objects in the digital realm. They’re stored on a publicly verifiable decentralized ledger, which means they can’t be easily edited, copied or duplicated. 

NFTs provide new monetization opportunities for creators. Therefore, they foster innovation and support the growth of creative industries.

Top NFT Use Cases

As an emerging technology, NFTs are constantly being explored and applied in various industries. Here are some of the key use cases for NFTs:


Digital art — including images, interactive pieces, and even AI creations — can be tokenized as NFTs. This allows artists to create, sell, and track their digital creations.


Video content such as movies, music videos, or even live sports clips can be represented by NFTs. Doing so allows video creators to reach a global audience and monetize their work.


Similarly, musicians and sound creators can tokenize their work as NFTs. Now, they can bypass third parties and sell songs, albums, or even concert tickets directly to their fans. In addition, these artists can decide to make these items unique or limited.

Game NFTs and collectibles

NFTs can also take the form of digital collectibles, such as trading cards, virtual pets, or in-game items. For the first time since the advent of NFTs, their scarcity can be easily verified and they can be traded in a similar way to physical collectibles. Some common examples of game NFTs include in-game currency, characters, and in-game items such as weapons, armor, and skins.

Who Can Create NFTs?

Virtually anyone with Internet access can create NFTs — a testament to the open, decentralized, and accessible nature of blockchain technology. The accessibility and democratization of blockchain technology has allowed artists, musicians, game developers, and well, quite literally anyone to create and experiment with NFTs. However, it’s also important to note that creating NFTs requires some understanding of blockchains and the process of minting NFTs.

How to Create an NFT

Step 1: Choose a blockchain

Choose the blockchain platform on which you want to create your NFT. While Ethereum is widely used, there are several suitable options, such as BNB Chain, Cardano, Solana, and EOS. You can start by researching each platform’s specific requirements, fees, and compatible wallets before making your choice.

The blockchain you choose will keep a permanent record of your NFT, so it’s important to choose one that best suits your needs. Note that you cannot change your choice of blockchain once your NFT is minted.

Step 2: Set up a digital wallet and fund it with crypto

Create a crypto wallet compatible with your chosen blockchain to manage your NFTs and cryptocurrency. Be sure to store your private key or seed phrase securely; losing either could result in loss of access to your wallet and assets.

You will also need to buy the native cryptocurrency of your chosen blockchain to pay the gas fees incurred when minting your NFT. You can purchase this on a cryptocurrency exchange or through your wallet, depending on how the wallet works.

Step 3: Choose an NFT platform

Choose a platform to create your NFT and make sure it’s compatible with your chosen blockchain and wallet. In fact, there’s an ever-growing list of NFT marketplaces that allow you to create NFTs without much hassle. Furthermore, some of them are full-service NFT marketplaces that allow everything, from minting to listing and selling NFTs.

Step 4: Create your NFT

The specific options and steps for NFT creation may vary depending on your chosen NFT marketplace. As such, you must familiarize yourself with the interface before creating an NFT. Still, you can remember these generalized instructions for creating an NFT on an NFT marketplace:

  1. Connect your wallet: Look for the option to connect your digital wallet on the selected NFT marketplace.

  2. Find the “create NFT” option: In the marketplace, look for a “Create” or “Mint” section that will guide you through the NFT creation process. This usually includes options for uploading your media file, setting the NFT’s features, and providing additional information.

  3. Creating a media file: The tools for creating an NFT can vary depending on the type of digital asset you want to create. For example, to create digital art, you should look for specialized software for images, illustrations, or animations.

    Artists can also use specialized software that allows them to create and manipulate 3D objects, add textures and materials, and export the final model in the correct format. Similarly, photographers can use editing software to refine the final image. Or, you can even use AI in the NFT art-creating process using just text prompts.

    Be sure to use the correct media files, such as JPG and PNG for digital art and GLB for 3D artwork.

  4. Upload your media file: Upload the image, audio or video file, or other media you want to tokenize as an NFT.

  5. Fill in the details: Give your NFT a name and description. You may also want to add additional perks, such as access to exclusive content or benefits (like tutorial videos or invitations to closed chat groups). Limiting the number of NFTs that can be created is also a popular option but it may or may not be suitable, depending on the context.

  6. Create your first NFT: After providing all the necessary information and deciding on the settings (including your choice of blockchain), click the “Create” or “Mint” button. The platform will process your request and your NFT will be created.

Step 5: List your NFT for sale

Once your NFT is created, it may not be automatically listed for sale. If you want to sell it, find the option to list your NFT on the marketplace, then set your desired price and other terms. This step is optional but will allow you to better promote and monetize your creation.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an NFT?

There are several costs associated with creating an NFT, primarily related to the blockchain network on which it is minted. For example, when you mint an NFT, you must pay a transaction fee to the blockchain network for processing and validating your transaction. These fees are paid in the network’s native cryptocurrency and may vary depending on network congestion and demand.

Similarly, some NFT marketplaces charge a fee for creating an NFT. This fee may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the NFT’s sale price. If you sell your NFT on a marketplace, you may also be subject to platform fees or commissions.

Finally, similar to traditional art storage costs, NFTs may incur digital storage costs. When planning to create an NFT, you should account for the cost of hosting and storing your content using a centralized or decentralized storage service.

How to Price Your NFT

An NFT’s price depends on factors such as rarity, utility, creator reputation, aesthetic appeal, narrative, and community involvement. There are a few actionable steps you can start with to determine the right price for your NFT. First, evaluate its uniqueness and functional use within virtual ecosystems.

Second, compare your NFT to similar ones and research current market trends. For example, you could use the NFT floor prices of similar collections as a benchmark to determine a reasonable starting price for your own NFT, ensuring that it is competitively positioned.

Keep in mind, however, that pricing an NFT is both an art and a science. Hence, you should remain open to revising prices based on community feedback and market conditions. Consulting with other NFT creators can also provide valuable insight — crypto has a strong community presence, so it won’t be hard to find people who are willing to help.

Copyright applies to NFTs just as it does to any other creative work, and using someone else’s work without permission can have legal consequences. Therefore, to minimize risk, the creator should ensure that he or she has the right to use the content for the NFTs.

The best way to protect yourself and your NFTs is to secure the right to use the content for the NFTs. In other words, the creator should either own the rights to the content or have permission from the original creator.

Stealing someone else’s work not only puts one at risk of legal repercussions, it also harms the original creator. Therefore, it’s important to respect other people’s work and obtain proper permission before using anything that’s not yours to create an NFT.


NFTs are revolutionizing the digital asset landscape by providing an easy way to represent ownership and prove authenticity of various digital assets, whether it’s digital art, music, or videos.

Since creating an NFT is becoming increasingly accessible, more creators are joining the movement and exploring its underlying technology. However, do bear in mind that successful NFT creation entails more than just creating a digital asset people want to see and use — it also requires an understanding of factors like cost and valuation.

How To Buy Binance Gift Card With Bank Card

There are several exchange on how to buy Binance Gift Card with a debit or credit card.

So today am going to show you some nice and fast exchange where you can buy Binance Gift Card

Step on how to buy Binance Gift Card with a credit or debit card.

Create an account on Gift Card Padie

Swipe to Binance Gift Card

Select the amount of Gift Card you want to purchase

Add to Cart and proceed to checkout

Select your desire payment option and make payment

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How To Make Money On | Earn $5,000 Above

CEX.IO – is a trusted and secure platform serving over 4 million customers worldwide where you can easily buy, sell, convert, trade, and earn almost 200 digital assets. Below is a short guide on how to buy your first cryptocurrency on CEX.IO.

  1. Register

  • Enter your email address and create a strong password. We recommend using:

– 10 or more characters

– One lowercase Latin letter

– One uppercase Latin letter

– One number

  • Confirm your email address

  • Choose a country and accept Terms of Use and if you want to stay tuned on the latest news and promo campaigns – click on the relevant checkbox “I agree to receive occasional emails”.

2. Enable 2FA

To protect your account from unauthorized activity, we strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication in the Security tab of your Profile.

  • Google Authenticator option (recommended).

Important: Download and save your 2FA backup key. With this key, you can change the device for receiving 2FA codes or restore access to your account if you lose your phone.

  • SMS option.

3. Link a credit or debit card

  • Visa or MasterCard physical card

  • Visa or MasterCard virtual card

To make deposits and withdrawals to/from your debit/credit card, link it in the Card Manager by entering your card number and expiration date. It’ll take a few minutes.


You can add several cards to your profile and manage them. With the PCI DSS certificate obtained by CEX.IO, we ensure that all card information is safe.


Important: Only personal cards, issued to the account holder’s name, are allowed on CEX.IO. It’s prohibited to link a friend’s or relative’s card.

4. Complete verification

To meet regulatory requirements and prevent fraudulent activity we ask every customer to complete Identity verification.


The process is designed to be simple and intuitive. After completing it you will be able to do fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals, buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.


If everything is submitted correctly, your verification will be approved within 10-15 minutes and you will receive an email notification about successful verification. Thus, don’t forget to check your email box.

5. Deposit and Withdraw

There’s the Deposit and the Withdraw buttons in the top right-hand corner. You need to choose the currency and the payment method for the fiat deposit and withdrawal or enter the destination wallet address for the crypto withdrawal.


Depending on your account verification level, you’ll have different options for deposits and withdrawals.


Currently, we support (click on the relevant link to learn more about a particular payment method):

  • International (SWIFT) and Domestic (SEPA, ACH, Faster Payments) bank transfers

  • Cryptocurrencies (to find your wallet address, click on the Deposit button near the respective currency).

On the Limits and Commissions page, you can find your account limits for each verification stage, including available account upgrades, limits for deposits and withdrawals, payment options, and commissions for cryptocurrency as well as for fiat.


You can quickly buy crypto for USD, EUR, and GBP on the Instant Buy/Sell page. Just choose the amount of crypto you want to buy and select a precalculated pack or enter a custom amount. Then provide your debit/credit card information or use your available CEX.IO balance and confirm the purchase. The amount of crypto you’ve bought will be on your CEX.IO balance in seconds.

Additionally, on the Cryptocurrency prices page, you can monitor real-time cryptocurrency prices and recent price changes.

To trade cryptocurrency by placing market and limit orders, visit the Trade page. Here you can analyze price changes on real-time charts , check the market depth, view all currency pairs, and see the order book.

You can also try cryptocurrency margin trading with leverage from 2x to 100x on CEX.IO Broker. Instant DEMO account is available without registration for free.

8. Use CEX.IO on the go

Manage Bitcoin trading on the go with the CEX.IO mobile application for iOS and Android. To link a new smartphone and manage mobile devices, visit the CEX.IO Mobile tab in your profile.


You’ll find some awesome and unique features for crypto trading like price notifications, Instant Sell options with immediate card top-up, order notifications, and Instant Exchange.


  • Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies in CEX.IO mobile app

You can buy and sell crypto in a few taps and get the purchased crypto to your account or the fiat to your card balance with CEX.IO mobile app.


Simply choose the amount of crypto to buy or sell or pick up an available pack. Then decide whether you want to buy the cryptocurrency from your card or balance in case of purchase and whether you’d like to get the fiat funds to your balance or card in case of selling.

  • Exchange the currencies

Crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and vice versa, and even fiat-to-fiat conversion are available in CEX.IO mobile app.


You can exchange the currencies in a few taps even if there’s no such pair available on the Trade page.


Everything you need to do is to tap the Exchange menu in the app, choose the currencies, and indicate the amount. The currency you’ve made a conversion to will appear on your balance immediately.

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Use banners, landing pages, and more to attract your audience to CEX.IO by your affiliate link.

Deposit or buy a stake-able coin and earn rewards for storing those coins on your CEX.IO balance. Your rewards will be calculated every hour, and you can trade your staking currencies or withdraw them at any time. Once a month, your earnings will automatically be credited to your CEX.IO balance.


By participating in staking, you can increase your annual income by nearly 16% (the staking reward varies depending on the currency).

How to buy crypto instantly with your debit/credit card | Card Arbitrage

At CEX.IO, you can buy crypto as easily as you shop online. Just select the amount of crypto you want to get and pay directly with your debit/credit card. The whole process takes less than five minutes:

  • Choose a crypto pack and click Buy

  • Enter your card number and card expiry date

You’ll have the crypto you purchased on your CEX.IO balance within minutes.


We’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you become a crypto owner without hassle.


1. Register an account

You’ll need to provide your email address, country of residence, first and last name, and date of birth. US residents should also pass Identity verification before making a purchase.


To secure your account and funds, we strongly recommend enabling 2FA.


2. Verify your account

As a regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, CEX.IO is required to identify its users. Identity Verification helps to prevent the creation and use of fraudulent accounts on CEX.IO. Follow our detailed guide to pass verification smoothly.


3. Open the Buy/Sell page

On the Buy/Sell page, you’ll see packs of crypto in commonly purchased amounts at set prices. These prices are calculated at the current market rate and frozen for 120 seconds to mitigate the risks connected with price fluctuations.


Click the How it works? button to get familiar with Instant Buy service and conditions.


4. Select a currency to buy

At the top of the page, right above the precalculated packs, you’ll see two drop-down lists with crypto and fiat currencies.


Select any of the supported cryptocurrencies to buy and the fiat currency to pay with.

5. Choose a pack or enter the amount you want to buy or spend

The minimum amount you can spend is 20 USD/EUR/GBP. The calculated purchase amount includes a commission for the service.


Once you’ve decided on the amount to buy, click Buy to continue.


Note that after passing the Identity verification, you’ll have a total transactions limit of $3,000.00. If you want to increase your limits, go to the Verification page and verify your Address.


6. Link your card

a. On the next page, you’ll be asked to submit your debit/credit card details:

  • Card number

  • Expiry date

Note: residents from the USA should provide some additional details like state, zip code, and SSN. Users from the UK should additionally provide the last name, date of birth, address, and postcode.

Important: Only personal cards are allowed.

b. If you’ve already connected your card to your CEX.IO account or made a fiat deposit, you can skip card verification.


Just select a verified card or your CEX.IO balance as the payment method.

7. Double-check everything and confirm your purchase

Before you confirm the operation:

  • Check the currencies you’ve selected, the amount you’re purchasing, and the fees.

  • You can change the amount you want to buy or spend if needed.

  • If you’re going to pay with a debit/credit card, enter the CVV/CVC code.

  • Accept the CEX.IO Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Payment Conditions, and Cardholder’s Agreement.

Finally, click Buy Now.

You’ll get the purchased crypto on your CEX.IO balance in a few seconds.


If you want to trade your crypto against fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, you can place market and limit orders on the Trade page.

Epay vs Arbitrage: Make $500 daily

Recently CEX.IO has enlarged the list of payment options with Epay, a fast, convenient, and safe payment service between individuals and companies around the world. Now you can deposit USD with no commission and withdraw with only a 1% fee at CEX.IO. In this guide, we will describe how to effortlessly transfer funds between your CEX.IO and Epay accounts.




  • Epay transfers require an Identity verification level at least.

  • Your CEX.IO account and Epay account should be associated with the same email address.

  • Only a personal Epay account can be used. The first and last names on CEX.IO and Epay should be the same.

  • If you have a corporate account at CEX.IO, your Epay account should be connected with the same company name.

  • The minimum deposit/withdrawal amount via Epay service is $20, the maximum amount to deposit/withdraw per day is $10.000. This information can be found on the Limits and commissions page.

  • Epay is not available in certain countries yet. See the list of such countries on the Limits and commissions page.




To make a deposit from Epay service to CEX.IO:


  1. Open the Finance page or click the Deposit button in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose USD as the currency to deposit and enter an amount.

  3. Select Epay as the payment option.

  4. Indicate the country and click Proceed.

You’ll see all the details needed for your transfer: the email address to which to send funds and your reference (order number). You can download or print the order with this information, then open your Epay account in a browser or mobile app and request a transfer using these details.

In your Epay account, enter the amount you wish to transfer. Insert your reference (order number) in the Message field.


Your funds will appear on your CEX.IO balance the same day you confirm the transfer.




To withdraw funds from CEX.IO to your Epay account:


  1. Оpen the Finance page or click the Withdraw button in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose USD as the currency to withdraw and enter an amount.

  3. Select Epay as the payment option.

  4. Make sure the email address of your CEX.IO account matches the email address associated with your Epay account. Then click Withdraw.

Confirm the operation with a 2FA code. We’ll send the funds to your Epay account on the same day.

Skrill vs Arbitrage | How to deposit and withdraw funds via Skrill on

Note that you need at least Identity level verification to access Skrill transfers. On the Limits and commissions page, you can check the minimum and maximum amounts you can transfer via Skrill and the list of countries where Skrill payments are not yet available.


Important: Before making a transfer, make sure your Skrill account and CEX.IO account are associated with the same email address.


Here’s a detailed guide on how to make deposits and withdrawals via Skrill on CEX.IO:


  • Deposits

To make a deposit from your Skrill wallet to CEX.IO:


  1. Open the Finance page or click the Deposit button in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB as the currency to deposit and enter an amount.

  3. Select Skrill as the payment option.

  4. Indicate the country and click Proceed.


You’ll see all the details needed for your transfer: the email address to which to send funds and your reference (order number). You can download or print the order with this information, then open your Skrill account in a browser or mobile app and request a transfer using these details.



In your Skrill wallet, choose the Skrill to Skrill option. Then enter the email address from the order and the amount you wish to transfer.


To enter your reference (order number), click Add a message when requesting a transfer and write the order number as a comment. Please note that transfers without the order number will be returned to the sender.


Your funds will appear on your CEX.IO balance the same day you confirm the transfer.


  • Withdrawals

To withdraw funds from CEX.IO to your Skrill wallet:


  1. Оpen the Finance page or click the Withdraw button in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB as the currency to withdraw and enter an amount.

  3. Select Skrill as the payment option.

  4. Make sure the email address of your CEX.IO account matches the email address associated with your Skrill account, then click Withdraw.


Confirm the operation with a 2FA code and we’ll send the funds to your Skrill wallet on the same day. Arbitrage | How to deposit funds to CEX.IO with a credit or debit card

Using a payment card is the quickest way to add funds to your CEX.IO account. You can make a deposit in a few clicks using your Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card and purchase fiat or cryptocurrencies in a few quick steps.


To link your card to your CEX.IO account, click on the Cards button at the top of your CEX.IO homepage.


On the next page, enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Then click Proceed below to link the card to your account.


View of the Add New Card page.


As soon as your payment card is verified, you’ll receive a notification by email.


Important: Only personal cards are allowed.


Make sure to check out our Payment Cards Guide with useful tips on using credit or debit cards on CEX.IO.


Once you’ve connected your card to your CEX.IO account, you are ready to make a deposit by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Add Funds button at the top right corner or the Finance tab at the top of your CEX.IO homepage.

  2. On the next page, click the Add Funds button next to the fiat or cryptocurrency that you would like to deposit.

View of the deposit page after clicking the Add Funds button or the Finance tab.


3. Then, on the next page, which is the Deposit page, choose Payment card.


View of the Deposit page with the Payment card button.


4. Select the currency you want to deposit on the right-hand side of the screen and enter the amount. Make sure to check the Total amount below to see how much you will be charged after fees and commissions.


5. Click on the card you would like to use and enter your card’s CVV/CVC code.


View of the card selection and payment page.



7. Double-check the information you’ve entered is correct and click Deposit.


8. Enter the 3DS code provided by your bank via SMS or email to confirm your payment.


In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email from CEX.IO confirming a successful deposit. Now you can start using your balance to buy crypto.


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7 Ways to Make $5,000 with App (A Full Overview)

Do you want to know how to earn from the app even if you are a complete newbie in the world of cryptocurrency? If so, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, I will show you a full overview of the ways to make money with the app, so you will learn how to make money from it. I will include a brief description of each method, so you can properly gauge which method will suit your preferences.

But if you really want to maximize your earnings from this app, I highly recommend you use all the methods at least once, and then from there, you can choose which ones you enjoy or prefer doing.

Why use

Before we talk about the actual ways to earn from this app, let’s first discuss why you should go for instead of any other crypto app.

You see, I have used A LOT of the most popular crypto platforms available today and by far, the platform I found easiest to use is

So, it’s actually a great platform to start with for crypto newbies. Not only is it user-friendly for beginners, but it also has features that are tailored for people who are new to crypto investing.

That’s why overall, I would say this is one of the best starting point for anyone who wants to start trading crypto regardless of their level of experience.

7 ways to make money with the app

Now that you understand why you should consider this app, it’s time we discuss the actual ways you can earn from the app. I will include a brief description of each method to give you an overview of how the earning method works.

I have also made a video that gives you an inside look and shows exactly how to use each of the methods to make money with the app. You can also read all the details below the video.

#1 – Missions

One way to earn from the app is through the missions it offers. When you log in to the app, just press the big button (which will be pretty obvious once you log in) and then hit Missions.

crypto com missions

You will then see something similar to the photo above. Missions are actually just short tasks you can do to earn additional rewards. These tasks will usually ask you to do something in the app like buy or sell crypto, or even just check-in.

Missions will reward you with diamonds which you can use to buy NFTs or a mystery box that will contain a random reward (usually a certain amount of crypto). I personally go for the mystery box because that’s how you can actually receive crypto from this earning method.

#2 – Cashback rewards

When you become a member, you can get a Visa debit card, and you can use it to pay for purchases and earn cashback rewards. You can check out the video below to see how the

But the gist is that you just use the card to pay for any purchase and get cashback rewards. The cashback rate will depend on your membership level, though, so make sure to check that out first before using the card to pay for any purchase.

What’s great about using this card, in my opinion, is that you can actually use the crypto you’ve earned from this platform to pay for any purchase. Not a lot of platforms offer that kind of convenience.

#3 – Pay

The Pay feature of is similar to the cashback feature. The only difference is, you don’t have to use your card to pay for the purchase.

crypto com pay

To get to the Pay section, just log in to the app and press the Pay option in the upper right-hand corner, and you will see something similar to the photo above. You can avail of the offers in this section to receive cashback rewards.

And the good thing about the Pay feature is that you can also earn cashback rewards for sending crypto to someone, or if you want to buy gift cards using your balance. If you do want to buy gift cards, there’s a wide variety of gift cards to choose from depending on the country you live in.

#4 – Referral Program

You can also earn through’s referral program. The idea behind this earning opportunity is relatively straightforward. You invite people to join the app by sharing your invite code.

referral program of crypto com

Once they sign up and input your code, they will become your referral. Then, they’ll have to meet a certain set of requirements (which will be explained after joining), and they will receive a $25 bonus. You, on the other hand, will also receive a $25 bonus for getting the referral.

It’s a great way to earn from this app, but you do have to make sure you invite people who are interested in using the app. Otherwise, you will not earn anything.

#5 – Earn interest

This method is a passive way of earning crypto from this app. Just go to the “Earn” section of the app, and you can allocate any amount of crypto you have on to this mode of earning.

earning interest on crypto com

All you need to do is let your crypto sit there for a certain period (flexible, 1 month, 3 months are your usual options), and you will earn interest. The longer the time period you choose, the higher the interest rate will be. The base interest rate will depend on your membership level as well.

#6 – Supercharger

Not many people are aware of this earning method, but it’s actually quite a good way to earn crypto. The video below explains how it works.

This feature is quite unique because you can only find it on this platform. The idea behind this earning method is that in any given period, specific crypto will be chosen for the charging campaign.

Then, all you have to do to participate in the charging campaign is to stake a certain number of CRO (’s own crypto). Then, you will earn a certain amount of crypto (the chosen crypto for the charging period) during the rewards period.

What’s good about this method is that you can just leave it as it is, and it will continue charging even if the crypto chosen for the charging period has changed. So, you don’t really have to do much with this earning method. You can just sit back and wait to collect your earnings.

#7 – Auto Buy/Sell

This is, in my opinion, one of the easiest ways to earn from trading crypto. The idea is that you can buy or sell crypto at a specific price without actually having to wait for it to reach that price to execute the transaction.

You can set to buy specific crypto when its price reaches a certain amount. When that happens, will execute the trade according to how you set it (total amount of crypto to be bought). On the flip side, you can also sell crypto when it hits a specific price to maximize your profit.

Just make sure to set the price to something that is realistic so that the trade can be executed. As you can see, this feature helps you buy crypto at the lowest possible price and unload them at the best possible price, which is the whole point of earning from crypto trading.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to earn from the app. And what’s good about this app is that it is suitable for anyone regardless of how experienced they are with crypto trading.

That’s because this app is very user-friendly, so you will easily get used to navigating it. As I’ve mentioned earlier, if you want to maximize your earnings from this app, I recommend you try every method at least once so you can get a good feel of which methods suit you best. Or better yet, why not just do all for maximum profit, right?

If you are not yet a member of, you can click the join button below, and it will take you to the sign-up page of the app.

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