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5+How To Make Money As Teenager

Teenagers might not have a lot of bills, but they still might have to pay for quite a few things: car insurance, phone plans, eating at restaurants with friends, school trips, clothes, you name it.

Of course, not all teenagers get an allowance. And even teens who do don’t necessarily receive enough to make all the purchases they want. Naturally, if you’re in either of these boats, you’ll want to consider taking on a little bit of work to make money.

But even if you’re a young adult fortunate enough to have parents or guardians who can pay for everything, you should consider trying to earn money as a teen to prepare for the future, when you’ll have to enter the workforce.

How you make money is a different question altogether. That’ll largely come down to how much you’re able to work, what your skills are, and whether you like to work independently or want the structure of a traditional workplace.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways you can make money as a teenager—heck, some of them can even be fun at times. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out our list of dozens of excellent ways teens can earn money. After that, we’ll also answer some common questions you and your parents might have about making money as a minor.

How to Make Money as a Teenager

If you’re wondering how to make money as a teen, wonder no more—you’ve got all sorts of options right there for the taking.

In fact, there are so many options, you might have a hard time deciding. That’s why it helps to consider a few things ahead of time—things that will help narrow your job search and make it more likely you’re getting the best job for you.

For one, consider if you want an in-person job or an online job. Some people just need a lot of face-to-face time or they’ll go crazy, and in-person jobs are great for that. If you’re a little more on the introverted side, or if you live in a remote area and don’t have many options within driving distance, you might want to consider an online job.

Also decide what you’re looking to earn. Do you just want a little extra spending cash, do you need to save up a lot of money in a short time, or do you want a regular paycheck to pay for a couple of bills, like car insurance or your cell phone?

Lastly, consider your skills. Are you physically strong, great with numbers, able to remember complex directions? These and other types of skills will open up opportunities for certain types of part-time jobs that other people might not be qualified for.

Best Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

Now, do you have a rough idea of what would make a job attractive to you? Great! Then you’re ready to start sifting through the various options for making money as a teenager. We’ll start with jobs and other money-making methods that you can find online.

1. Online Surveys

Everyone has an opinion! But did you know you could get paid for yours? Several online survey services offer up a little money when you tell them what you think.


Making money through Swagbucks is simple. Swagbucks lets users earn Swagbucks points (SBs) by completing simple tasks—that includes surveys, yes, but also shopping online, playing video games, or even just doing web searches.

Users can redeem SBs for gift cards from popular retailers, such as Apple, Amazon, and Target; the website awards roughly 7,000 gift cards every day. However, if you just want cash, you can redeem points that way, too, and receive the money in a PayPal account.

New users who sign up for a SwagBucks account can earn a $10 free sign up bonus.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys pays money to survey participants quickly, offering a fast turnaround time to earn extra money online. However, like most other paid survey opportunities, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’re asked to provide your opinion as you would with any other platform and have the chance to earn between 50 cents and $5 per survey completed (longer surveys tend to pay more).

You can redeem your earnings for cash or toward over 100 gift card options.

Paid to Take Online Surveys

Branded Surveys | Paid Surveys

Free (no monthly fees).

  • Branded Surveys, which boasts more than 3 million users, pays you to take surveys to share your thoughts on future products and services.
  • You earn points for completing each survey and can redeem them toward gift cards at over 100 options like Amazon, PayPal, Apple and more.
  • Earn anywhere from 50 cents to $5 per completed survey (longer ones tend to pay more).
  • Minimum cash-out: $5 (500 points).
  • Age restrictions: Must be at least 13 years old to participate. Teens age 13 to 17 must have parental consent.
  • Special offer: Get 100 free points (worth $1) for signing up.


  • Pays you for easy tasks
  • Offers gift cards from numerous merchants
  • Offers cash back
  • Teens can participate (ages 13+)


  • Not a lucrative side hustle
Branded Surveys | Paid Surveys

Get Your 100 Points

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InboxDollars doesn’t bother with a points system—participants earn cash. Most surveys pay between 50 cents and $5, though some have larger payouts of $10, $20, and even more if you match the demographic the survey creator is looking for.

And if you want to earn money even faster, InboxDollars also rewards users for online shopping, playing games, trying new apps, reading emails, and more. The website has paid out more than $80 million in cash rewards since it started in 2000, so it has been allowing anyone with internet access to earn extra cash for decades.

InboxDollars | Earn Cash for Everyday Activities

Free (no monthly fees).

  • InboxDollars allows you to earn cash by taking surveys or reading emails, and earn cash-back rewards for online shopping and even spending on games.
  • Minimum cash-out: $15.
  • Age restrictions: Must be at least 18 years old or the age of majority in your state or province, whichever is greater, to participate.
  • Special offer: Sign up now and get a $5 bonus.


  • Pays you for easy tasks
  • Offers gift cards from numerous merchants
  • Offers cash back
  • No confusing points system


  • Not a lucrative side hustle
InboxDollars | Earn Cash for Everyday Activities

Get $5 Bonus

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2. Watch Videos

People spend an increasing amount of their time online, much of which has included watching video-based content. One way for teens to earn extra money is through watching this video content online.


ySense is an online community with multiple earning options for tasks such as taking paid surveys, testing new apps, signing up for websites, watching videos and more. Paid online surveys can be completed on your own schedule, and every survey completed earns points.

The service suggests completing the daily checklist bonus, a way to leverage more earning potential from the platform. For each day that you complete your Daily Checklist, you will have a bonus of up to 16.0% added to your account balance at the end of that day. You are paid via PayPal.

ySense | Earn Free Cash Online

Free (no monthly fees).

  • ySense is a global online community with multiple opportunities to earn money
  • Get paid to take surveys, try new products, download apps, signup for websites, watch videos, and more.
  • Minimum cash-out: $3 for certain gift cards, $5.05 for Skrill, $10 for PayPal, and $52 for Payoneer.
  • Age restrictions: Must be at least 13 years old to participate.*


  • Pays you for easy tasks
  • Offers gift cards from numerous merchants
  • Offers cash back
  • Cash-back available through several payment platforms
  • Teens can participate (ages 13+)


  • High minimum cash-out minimum ($52) for Payoneer
  • Not a lucrative side hustle

3. Test and Play Video Games and Other Apps

video games gamer teen streaming twitch

Teens, kids, and adults alike enjoy playing video games—and as it turns out, that favorite hobby can also earn teenagers extra money.


Some teens would love to test out apps and games even without getting paid, making this possibly one of the most fun jobs for teens.

Scrambly rewards you for playing games. Users test companies’ products on their phones with various in-game steps. In exchange for testing the apps and games, they get coins. These can be exchanged for gift cards or cash back to a PayPal account.

To earn rewards faster, people can also take surveys and invite friends. When you recruit friends, you get a commission on their lifetime earnings.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time you have to spend. You can do this occasionally for just a bit more spending cash or more frequently to wrack up rewards faster.

Scrambly: Discover, Earn and Save


Free (no monthly fees).

  • Scrambly pays you for a variety of tasks, including testing out apps and games, and filling out surveys.
  • Cash out instantly with PayPal cash or gift cards.
  • Minimum cash-out: $2 (2,000 coins) for PayPal, $5 (5,000 coins) for gift cards.
  • Age restrictions: Must be at least 13 years old to participate.


  • Pays you for easy tasks
  • Offers gift cards from numerous merchants
  • Offers cash back
  • Low payout minimum
  • Teens can participate (ages 13+)


  • Not a lucrative side hustle
  • No mobile app
  • Gift card program supports a small number of vendors
Scrambly: Discover, Earn and Save

Get Started

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4. Sharing Your Internet Connection

If you pay for a certain amount of bandwidth each month and you find yourself unable to use it all, you might consider selling the excess for money.


Teens looking for a passive online job should consider Honeygain. To earn rewards with Honeygain, you just have to share your Internet.

One reward option is free gaming perks, such as Xbox Live, game skins, Twitch Prime, or free in-game currency. Another option is for your earnings to cover monthly subscriptions, such as Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or YouTube premium.

Money rewards are always available as well. You can get PayPal money or earn crypto. Earnings vary based on the GB amount of traffic you share.

For example, if you had 6GB of daily traffic shared and have sharing active eight hours per day (such as when your family is asleep), your estimated earnings would be $20/month. That may not seem like a lot, but remember, this is passive income.

Teens should consult their parents on using the service in addition to the amount of GB that can be shared and how many hours per day is acceptable.

Honeygain will gather publicly-available online information to help creditable businesses with web statistics and other verified business processes.

Don’t worry, Honeygain only allows trusted partners to use your internet and it will never ask for or get access to your personal data.

Honeygain | Effortless Passive Income

Free (no monthly fees).

  • Honeygain allows you to earn passive income by opening up your internet company to partner companies, which deal in market research, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, and other businesses.
  • Rewards include everything from covering the costs of monthly subscriptions to free Xbox Live gaming to cryptocurrency and PayPal cash.
  • Honeygain only allows trusted partners to use your internet, and it will never ask for or receive access to your personal data.
  • Minimum cash-out: $20.
  • Age restrictions: Must be at least the age of consent in your state to participate. Anyone younger than that must have parental consent.
  • Signup Bonus: Get $5 when you register, install the app, and share at least $20 worth of traffic.
Honeygain | Effortless Passive Income

Sign Up Now

5. Graphic Design

Love creating visuals and want to get paid for it? You can make money doing graphic design. Graphic designers specialize in logos, blog images, social media content, signs for businesses, and more.

A great place to start is by looking for clients via social media or reaching out to local businesses. If you end up enjoying working as a graphic designer, you can become a full-time designer in adulthood.

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