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I Made $3000 on the Internet.

1.Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, Amazon Associates, is one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing programs.2 Creators, publishers, and bloggers sign up to have Amazon products and services shared on their websites or apps, and in return, receive compensation for the sales their sites generate.

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Drive traffic to your website & Offer Instagram marketing services & Earn $3000 Monthly


Drive traffic to your website

80 % of people surveyed said Instagram helps them discover and buy new products or services. Evidently, the more people who see your brand on Instagram, the better chance they will buy from your website. To help you make more money online, you can use Instagram indirectly to drive traffic to your website. With the help of all your Instagram visitors, you can boost sales, grow your email marketing list and expand your loyal community of customers.

Offer Instagram marketing services

Are you skilled in Instagram marketing, caption writing or content creation? If so, you might be suited to take on an Instagram freelancing gig. By consulting other companies on improving their Instagram marketing techniques, you can make a nice profit, charging service fees between $20 – $50 per hour and even $100 for writing captions.

Book more freelance customers and spread the word about your services in your Instagram bio. You can also advertise your services on platforms such as Fivver and Upwork. Plus, consider adding online scheduling to your website so people can book services directly from your site.

Become an affiliate marketer on Instagram and make $3000

Unlike becoming an influencer and getting paid per post, as an affiliate you get paid on commission. The average affiliate commission rate to expect is anywhere between 5% – 30%. Your sales will most often get tracked with a unique promo code or UTM link. On Instagram, affiliate programs often go by the name “Brand Ambassador.” You can either apply to become one on a company’s website or be approached by the brand.

The number of followers you have is not a deciding factor for brands looking to hire affiliates, rather they want to see that you’re a fitting person who connects with their audience.

In advance, you should know that you can only add product links on the app in your Instagram bio or your Story (if you have over 10,000 followers). Since these two places are limiting, you might also consider creating a blog and writing SEO-optimized blog posts about the products with trackable links.



Make $2000 monthly with this Trick on Facebook

1. Start Facebook marketing through influencing and advertisement

The more followers you have, the more businesses and digital marketers would reach out to you for paid adverts. All you have to do is post the product on your page, and start making money. Usually, the more followers or likes on your page, the more money they would offer you.

2. Get people to pay you for sponsored likes and shares

People today are looking to get lots of likes and shares on their posts or videos. With your large customer base, you can easily help them achieve that by posting the link on your group. The more likes you can provide, the more money you earn.

3. Publish videos on Facebook

Facebook video bears much resemblance to that of YouTube. You can create a video for your business and host it on Facebook and get paid on advert sales as people watch your video. Facebook offers 55% of revenue generated to the video creator and keeps 45%.

4. Sell your personal products on Facebook

This is basic marketing. The more followers you have, the more people you can reach, the higher your chance to sell your product. You can also open a Facebook store and run it as e-commerce (keep in mind that you need a certain level of expertise for e-commerce Facebook sites).

Facebook Store

For example, you can connect your Facebook page to your Shopify store. Essentially, you can turn well-performing product-related posts into paid ads to drive traffic to your page, therefore, making more sales.

5. Sell your Facebook page

Although it seems odd, people grow Facebook groups, and pages only to sell them to the highest bidder. You can either do this or sell off your account if all other money-earning channels do not work. However, we recommend you keep trying because it takes a lot of time and patience. You cannot start earning money in a day.

6. Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Influencers are individuals who have gathered a huge following over time. Due to their audience, it is common practice for organizations to turn to them for advertisement.

Basically, if you can be disciplined enough to build yourself a niche of authority and earn public trust, you can charge organizations that wish to leverage your following. From partnerships to direct promotions and sales, you can spread the word of a brand for huge sums.

Essentially, the best solution for a business is to build it’s own Facebook page, but it needs influencers to kick-start the process. This is where you come in, as they can’t achieve this goal alone.
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