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How To Make Money Through Flutter wave

Flutterwaves provides many benefits for businesses, and along with these benefits comes the opportunity to make money. However, in order to utilize this opportunity and earn a steady income for yourself, you need to first understand how flutterwave works.

In my last article I explained how flutter wave works, if you haven’t read it, I’ll recommend you to do so before attempting to make money with flutterwave.

Right in this post, we have explained four different ways to make money with flutterwave and how to get started.

Best Ways to Make Money With Flutterwave

Here are the best ways to make money with flutterwave.

Affiliate Marketing 

One of the best ways to make money with Flutterwave is through affiliate marketing. It helps you earn money from your referrals based on commission. Your only job is to recommend these Flutterwave services to potential users with a traceable affiliate code. When any of these users activate and make transactions, you earn commissions while sitting at home.

Isn’t that cool? You keep earning income even while you sleep.

How to begin;

  1. Sign up or Log in to your account.
  2. On the overview section click on “referrals”.
  3. Then click on “copy your referral link”.
  4. Send this link to all business owners you know.

Note: You might need to tell them a little about how flutterwave works for them to be interested in signing up.

Creating a Store for Your Freelance or e-Commerce Business 

This is another good way to make money with flutterwave. Flutterwave store is an easy way to own and manage your e-Commerce business. It provides you with the benefits of having an online business store without creating a website. In essence, you can make more sales.

For example: Let’s say you acquire a maximum of 50 customers monthly through your physical store or personal social media pages. When you create a store on flutterwave, you can get more customers outside your contact lists and visibility. Hence, creating a flutterwave store gives you access to the global market. Even more, it brings businesses online with minimal hassle.

How to begin;

  1. Sign in to your dashboard and select “Store”.
  2. On the store page, click “setup my store”.
  3. Edit the store name to a name you want to use.
  4. Enter your “store description” and “URL” if necessary.
  5. Click complete “Set up” and your store link will be generated and displayed on the dashboard. (You can share this link with your prospective customers and also add it to your social media pages).
  6. Next, add your products by clicking “Add products”.
  7. Fill in the details of your new products. Your product will immediately be displayed on the dashboard.

Using Flutterwave to Receive Payments

Flutterwave provides you with an easy way to receive payments from anywhere in the world with card payments, bank accounts, USSD, and more. You don’t need to worry about losing any sales because of a payment issue. With the flutterwave payment link, you have the opportunity to increase your business income.

How to begin;

  1. In your Flutterwave dashboard, go to the Payment Links page and select “Create Payment Link”.
  2. For a single payment, select “Single Charge” while for a payment plan select “Recurring Charge”.
  3. Fill in details of the payment; if you wish to allow your customers to specify the amount to be paid, leave the “Amount field” empty, otherwise, fill in a specific amount.
  4. Then, select “Create Link” to create the link to your payment page.

The payment link will be on your dashboard. Copy and share the link with your clients for them to make payments using their cards, bank accounts, USSD, etc., as applicable.

Flutterwave as Your Mobile POS

Currently, people in Africa, especially Nigeria are making money with the POS business. Although the business is rampant so getting a physical POS might be a little difficult. But with flutterwave, you can have a mobile POS. The flutterwave mobile performs the function of a cash register and physical POS machine. That is, you can accept payments from your customers, issue receipts, and also keep sales records. In summary, flutterwave mobile turns your mobile phone into your personal POS, online store, and general mobile business headquarter.

How to begin;

  1. Download the app from Play or Apple Store.
  2. Sign in by filling in your details.
  3. Proceed to the home page section and select “POS”.
  4. Select how to want to receive payment. E.g USSD, debit card, and others.
  5. If you selected “Debit/Credit Card”, Scan the “QR code” provided.
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