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Make $2000 on Instagram with Dropship products & Create an Instagram feature account

Dropship products

When starting a business, a factor that often provides logistical and financial hurdles is inventory. However, you can run a store without ever holding any inventory, thanks to the dropshipping business model.

By starting a Dropshipping business, you can choose from millions of different suppliers’ products such as T-shirts, books, mugs, and pillows. You’re set free from the hassle of fulfillment and shipping and get to set your own pricing to maximize profits. Once you’re ready to promote your dropshipping business, create a dedicated Instagram page to showcase your products, advertise your site and increase sales.

Create an Instagram feature account

Instagram feature accounts act as hubs to showcase photos from several different creators within a niche. For instance, a travel page shows images of various top travel bloggers and tags them for credit. Here are countless Instagram feature accounts sorted by topic that you can look at for reference.

But can you make money on Instagram from this type of page? Once you’ve grown your account to a favorable size, you can offer paid spots to users who wish to get featured on your accounts’ feed or Instagram Stories.

Many are willing to invest good money for such prime real estate and exposure. On average, paid spotlight slots can range from $15 to $30 per post. Other Instagram hubs manage follower loops and “like for like” engagement groups and offer VIP paid memberships in them for as high as $20 – $30 per month.

While this income method doesn’t require you to buy or sell any physical products, you will need to invest a considerable amount of time engaging with accounts, messaging potential customers and continually growing your followers.



Offer Your Audience Exclusive Content and Earn $1000 Monthly

Humans are curious creatures with a strong desire to keep learning. This is why online course platforms such as Coursera, Masterclass and Udacity have gained a large customer base. If you’re thinking about creating an online course, Instagram is a wonderful outlet to market it and earn money with each registration.

An average individual course can start at about $100, while longer, more intense courses can cost thousands of dollars. But you don’t only have to limit yourself to earning through this alone. Simple downloadable guides, eBooks, whitepapers or templates can be other lucrative ways to make money on Instagram.

In 2020, Facebook launched Subscriptions, which has helped creators build sustainable businesses powered by the support of their communities. Based on strong creator feedback, we’re ready to now bring this business model to creators on Instagram. With Instagram Subscriptions, creators can develop deeper connections with their most engaged followers and grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits, all within the same platform where they interact with them already.

Will Instagram pay me for content?
With most monetization products, you will be paid once you’ve earned at least $25. For Charities, this threshold is $100. Note: There is no minimum payout for branded content projects on the creator marketplace that are paid through Instagram.

Sell Photos, Illustrations or Digital Files

Sell Photos, Illustrations or Digital Files

Instagram is all about the visuals, so if you’re a designer, photographer or creative, it’s time to cash in on your talents. You can sell your photos to other businesses, which is very common in the travel industry, or you can sell your own content, such as prints and illustrations.

Moreover, if you have a photography website or online portfolio, think of Instagram as a “storefront window” for your work and use it to get more clients.

Offer Unique Instagram Photos as Stock Images

Besides selling prints, you can also offer digital photos for stock use. Loads of businesses need images for their marketing. They often seek out photos from big stock photography sites like Shutterstock.

So why not offer them another avenue for unique photography? You can sell photos individually or in themed bundles.

For individual photos, pick images that are bold and unique. For bundles, think of general themes that are popular and can serve different needs.

Like with prints, you can offer the photos from a post. Or you can set up an e-commerce site that people can be linked to for shopping.

Instagram is a powerful tool for photographers to build their audience and market their work. You might be surprised to learn that many successful photographers regularly sell their work on Instagram.

Instagram is the go-to platform for many photographers, both amateur and professional. Photographers use Instagram to establish a name for themselves, gain recognition, build their community and connect with other creatives.

You Don’t Need Middlemen to Sell Your Photos

But many photographers who use Instagram for business are opting to sell directly to their followers, cutting out the middleman and eliminating or significantly reducing fees.

This is no small thing for professional photographers. The growth in platforms like Instagram has coincided with a massive decline in revenue from traditional sources like stock photography. So in the process of growing their audiences, photographers are finding ways to make money off those followers — and they’re doing it while building a personal connection with their customers.




Drive traffic to your website & Offer Instagram marketing services & Earn $3000 Monthly


Drive traffic to your website

80 % of people surveyed said Instagram helps them discover and buy new products or services. Evidently, the more people who see your brand on Instagram, the better chance they will buy from your website. To help you make more money online, you can use Instagram indirectly to drive traffic to your website. With the help of all your Instagram visitors, you can boost sales, grow your email marketing list and expand your loyal community of customers.

Offer Instagram marketing services

Are you skilled in Instagram marketing, caption writing or content creation? If so, you might be suited to take on an Instagram freelancing gig. By consulting other companies on improving their Instagram marketing techniques, you can make a nice profit, charging service fees between $20 – $50 per hour and even $100 for writing captions.

Book more freelance customers and spread the word about your services in your Instagram bio. You can also advertise your services on platforms such as Fivver and Upwork. Plus, consider adding online scheduling to your website so people can book services directly from your site.

Become an affiliate marketer on Instagram and make $3000

Unlike becoming an influencer and getting paid per post, as an affiliate you get paid on commission. The average affiliate commission rate to expect is anywhere between 5% – 30%. Your sales will most often get tracked with a unique promo code or UTM link. On Instagram, affiliate programs often go by the name “Brand Ambassador.” You can either apply to become one on a company’s website or be approached by the brand.

The number of followers you have is not a deciding factor for brands looking to hire affiliates, rather they want to see that you’re a fitting person who connects with their audience.

In advance, you should know that you can only add product links on the app in your Instagram bio or your Story (if you have over 10,000 followers). Since these two places are limiting, you might also consider creating a blog and writing SEO-optimized blog posts about the products with trackable links.



Open an Instagram Shop & Make & $2000 Monthly

An Instagram Shop is a lot like running an online store, except it’s all on an app. Their slogan “post, tag, sell” explains how it works. After creating your shop, upload product images, descriptions and prices of your merchandise. Then users can discover your items and check out without ever leaving Instagram.

Take a look at how Wix user Palm & Wild created an Instagram Shop for their elegant art prints. By selling beyond their website, they can reach new users and make money on Instagram. They’ve also kept their website URL palmandwild.com in their Instagram bio to help potential customers learn more about the other products and drive traffic to their website.

Follow these five steps for creating a shop on Instagram:

      1. Convert to a business account.

       2. Connect your Facebook Page.

      3. Upload a product catalog.

       4. Complete account review.

       5. Turn on Shopping.


Make $2000 on Instagram as a Creator


Facebook announced that by the end of 2022, they plan to invest over $1 billion in programs that allow creators to earn money for the content they create. One of these programs is the Creator Fund which allows you to monetize your content through IGTV Ads, Instagram Live Badges and Bonuses.


IGTV, or Instagram TV, is an excellent place for you to earn revenue from advertisements shown on your videos and to tap into the phenomenon of streaming media. You get 55% of the ad revenue generated per IGTV view. However, videos need to be two minutes or more to qualify for IGTV Ads. Keep in mind that the more views you get, the more ad revenue you’ll earn, so make your content entertaining, educational or inspirational.

Take Mike Holston’s @therealtarzann’s account as a good example to follow. He has amassed over six million followers with his exotic wildlife videos. From posting videos of giant snakes and leopards to rare lizards, Mike uses fascinating content to capture our eyes while sharing interesting facts. With an average of over 400,000 views per IGTV video, he has plenty of ad opportunities to make money on Instagram.

Instagram Live Badges

Being a creator on Instagram is not just about the content you publish but also about your relationship with your followers. You should aim to form a strong bond with your followers and give them the content they want to maximize your earnings.

Instagram had this in mind when it created its Live Badges feature, allowing fans to show their support to their favorite creators. Live Badges work like a digital “tip” people can give to Creators during a Livestream. It comes in the shape of a heart and can be bought as packages that sell between $0.99 – $4.99.

To add this feature to your account, go to your “Profile,” click “Professional Dashboard,” tap “Grow Your Business,” and select “Badges.”Once you go Live, click on the “badges” icon on the left side of your screen and turn them on.


Just like the name sounds, Bonuses rewards you financially after hitting certain milestones on Instagram as a creator. If you meet a number of Lives, sign up for IGTV Ads or create a required amount of Instagram Reels, then you’ve reached some of the Bonus Programs’ milestones to collect your reward. But before jumping in, you should know that the Bonus Programs are currently invite-only, so stay tuned for updates on eligibility.

To enable IGTV Ads, you need to go to your “Account Settings,” tap “Creator,” then “IGTV Ads.” After that, click on “Get Started” and toggle to “Allow Monetization” on your existing IGTV videos.



How to Make $1000 Monthly on INSTAGRAM

Don’t simply pass the time on Instagram—turn it into a passive income instead. From selling merchandise to becoming an influencer, you can choose numerous methods to make money on Instagram.

With this guide, you will not only learn how to make money on Instagram, but how to significantly scale your presence as an online entrepreneur too. To exemplify this, we’ve selected the 10 profitable examples of brands making money on Instagram to walk you through the opportunities.

To strengthen your off-platform Instagram marketing strategy, create a website and link to it in your bio for eCommerce, influencer, traffic opportunities and more.

Can you make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can make money on Instagram. According to CBInsights, Instagram is one of the top platforms where influencers and creators can monetize their content and lure more followers. The platform also tries to help creators monetize their influence on the platform. In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (parent-company of Facebook and Instagram), said: “To help more creators make a living on our platforms, we’re going to keep paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges, and our upcoming independent news products free for creators until 2023.”

The company also wants to help educators better understand their payouts from the platform, and has released an Instagram Payouts feature, which helps people see what their payout will be after taxes, refunds and in-app purchase fees.

Making money on Instagram vs Youtube

There are some key differences in how you can make money on Instagram vesrus Youtube. The main one is that Youtube pays its creators via advertising revenue. Creators can choose to display ads on their videos and then they earn a percentage of the revenue made from these embedded ads. As a creator on Youtube you can also earn money from sponsorships, also from brands and companies, or merchandise sales of your own or another brands product.

This advertising revenue-sharing model doesn’t exist on Instagram. Money is made on Instagram through sponsored posts, shoutouts, affiliate links, selling products as well. as through Instagram reels and Instagram Live.

How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

In most cases, making money on Instagram is contingent on the number of followers you have. For instance, you will need at least 1,000 followers to begin earning money through Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager. That said, if you want to open an Instagram Shop, your follower count is less critical to earning potential.

A second factor to making money on Instagram is your social media engagement. To calculate your engagement rate, take the number of likes and comments per post and divide it by your number of followers. Ideally, you want to have a 3% engagement rate to appeal to brands for sponsorship. Companies prefer you have a highly active audience rather than a large following that’s either stale or inactive, so prioritize building an engaged community. Engaging with your audience and posting high-quality content is what will grow your Instagram followers over time.

Should you use different ways to make money on Instagram depending on how many followers you have? Not necessarily. The key ways to generate revenue on the social media platform, such as sponsored posts and shoutouts, are the same regardless of follower numbers. However brands may be more willing to collaborate with you, and to pay more, the higher the number of followers you have. But the same may be true if you can show you have a smaller, but engaged and niche audience for a specific brand or product.

Yes, influencers with millions of followers can command more money per sponsored. Instagram post Rumors are Christian Ronaldo earns anywhere from US$1.6 million a post. But these Instagram earners tend to be high profile celebrities with millions of followers but on and offline. Average earnings from posts to be a lot lower.

Partner with a brand for sponsored posts

One of the most promising ways to make money on Instagram is by becoming an influencer, micro influencer or nano influencer. As any of these types of influencers, you will be compensated with gifts or money in exchange for creating and sharing engaging content around a brand or business. These might take the form of sponsored posts, or shoutouts, where you positively shoutout about a brand or product on your Instagram account with a story or post. Reels can also now be used to promote sponsored content or include links to your own website and services.

Instagram promotion works for businesses due to the highly visual nature of its content. Making money on the platform is all about using this visual impact to maximum impact, while reaching hundreds and thousands of potential customers.

Typically, you’ll get paid per post, with your follower count and engagement rate setting the price. Nano Influencers, who have 500 to 10,000 followers, get paid between $10 – $100 per post. Micro influencers, who tend to have 10,000 to 50,000 followers earn about $100 – $500 per post.

See the full pricing scale below, published by the Influencer Marketing Hub, showing how much money you can make on Instagram according to type of influencer.

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