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How To make money through poultry farming

Poultry farming is the breeding of domesticated birds (chicken, turkey, geese, duck, etc.) for commercial purposes and/or for personal consumption.

Poultry farming is a lucrative but delicate business. Lucrative in the sense that the consumption of the end product; chicken and egg are in constant demand up and down the country and it happens to be a potent source of animal protein outside fish, pork and beef.  More importantly poultry products fall into the category of white meat, believed to be more  healthy for human consumption.

Delicate in the sense that producers are very careful in caring for the birds to avoid disaster which could be as a result of disease infecting the birds.  A good example of the kind of disease that can infect the birds is “bird flu” which can wipe out the entire birds in a matter of days.

Nigeria is a huge market for poultry products since people tend to prefer poultry products to red meat because of the health benefits it is believed to bestow.  Some of the diseases affecting particularly the elderly people such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart related diseases are associated with red meat.

Why Poultry farming business is lucrative

  • The choice of white meat over red meat makes the demand for poultry products a choice of business for many people.
  • Ready market The market is available for these products since everybody, young and old, rich and not so rich eat poultry products
  • Quick return on investment Investing in a day old chick, in forty five days has the potential to bring in high profit.
  • Initial capital outlay. The initial capital is low compared with some other investments. With as little as ₦50,000.00, you can start with about 100 day old chicks and in less than two months, you are selling fully grown chickens or you are selling eggs.  However the downside of poultry farming you must be aware of include:
  1. The poultry farm may experience disease outbreak. If the disease is not controlled quickly it may be disastrous
  2. The feeds may be of low quality which may lead to malnutrition of the birds
  • Theft by workers of the poultry farm cannot be ruled out.

Branches of Poultry business

Choice of the type of poultry business you would want to start.  There are basically four different branches of poultry business commonly available  you can choose to go into, they include:

  • Broilers breeding You can go into this branch for meat production.  The day old chicks grow in less than two months
  • Breeding of layers This is for egg production, chickens lay eggs for an average of two years and five months before becoming weak.  They can be sold off at this stage.
  • Production of poultry feeds. This is another area you can do business, since the market is readily available.  Those in the business of raising day old chicks must buy feeds, all you have to do is to produce the best feeds and make contacts with poultry farmers.
  • Production of poultry equipments. This is a huge market on its own.  Poultry equipments are so many, you can choose to produce some of them, they include:-
  1. Feeders: the device for supplying feeds to the birds
  2. Waterers: The device used for supplying water to the birds
  3. Nests: The place chickens lay eggs.
  4. Cages: Boxes made specially for keeping  birds
  5. Coops: a place where the birds are housed.
  6. Incubators: Device to keep eggs warm until they are
  7. Perches: Place of rest for birds
  8. Brooders or heaters A heated structure for raising young fowl.
  9. Waste/disposal system

Now you have an idea of  the various aspects of poultry framing business, let us go into the nitty-gritty of how to start poultry farming and succeed in Nigeria.

However I will be discussing about the production of broilers breeding (for meat) and layers breeding (for eggs) since that is what the majority of players in the industry are into. In summary, I will call this poultry farming for beginners.


Steps to start poultry farming business

Here are the steps to start poultry farming business:

  1. Take time to learn the tricks of the business
  2. Decide on broiler breeding or egg breeding or both and have your investment ready
  3. Set the location of your farm
  4. Put up a poultry farm structure
  5. Procure equipment for the poultry farm
  6. Workers for the poultry
  7. Buying of chicks
  8. Feeding the chicks
  9. Selling the products
  10. The budget


Continue reading to explore the steps in details.


1. Take time to learn the tricks of the business

Many people who are quick to rush into the poultry farming business regret afterwards. It is a delicate business and only those who play by the rules succeed because breeding a day old chicks is not something you can be careless about lest the entire chicks die before you wake up from your slumber.

So the first thing you do after deciding to go into the business is to start a training course on how to breed chicks. Courses are organised by different agencies on how you succeed on poultry farming.

Enrol or consult a farmer, pay a token fee, and he/she will put you through. The reason for this training is that handling day old chicks is extremely technical and a novice in the business must surely get it wrong, leading to the closure of the business. Contact ABC Africa for practical training.

2. Decide on broiler breeding or egg breeding or both and have your investment ready

Your scale of operation depends on the amount of money you have available and how much you can access from the financial institutions in the course of time.

So if your investment runs into millions of naira, you can begin by acquiring a plot of land and putting up a structure deemed appropriate for the business.

You must consult an expert in this area if you do not want to lose money. Two areas to invest are commonly undertaking by many people, i.e. broiler chicken for meat and layers for egg. People do engage on this area of poultry business, i.e. poultry farm for poultry feeds.

The area is not uncommon and can be very profitable since the danger of losing your chicks as a result of diseases do not apply.

3. Set the location of your farm

In locating your poultry farm, you must take certain things into consideration such as nearness to the market where the products are going to be sold but away from the town. It must be emphasized that nearness does not mean close to residential areas since it is disallowed by law.

Moreover, you must consider the noise and odour coming from the birds. But wherever the farm is located, it must have access to roads, adequate security, power and clean water supply, etc.

4. Put up a  poultry farm structure

There are mainly three types of structures for your poultry. Only two are preferred, one is not recommended.

The three are:

  1. Free roaming system Here the chicks are given the freedom to roam about and fend for themselves.  It is highly not recommended since you do not have control of the birds.
  2. The sawdust system The house where the birds are kept is filled with sawdust and the chicks can move freely about within the enclosure.  The sawdust must be changed frequently in order to keep the chicks safe from disease.
  3. The caging system Here the birds are housed in cages.  Different sizes of cages for different sizes of chicks.  In this battery caging system, there is always provisions for the feeding of the birds, laying of eggs and dropping by the birds.  The battery caging system is highly recommended because each group of birds are housed in a separate cage that  it gives the birds freedom of association but it  could be more expensive. For commercial purposes, the battery caging system and the sawdust system must be large enough to give the birds freedom and good ventilation.


5. Procure equipment for the poultry farm

The equipments required for poultry business are many and they are all important. Most of them are listed above so you can find out the prices depending on the scale of operation you want to go into.


6. Workers for the poultry

If you are operating at a low scale (between 150 and 400 chicks) you can safely manage it yourself, but beyond this level, you engage some workers to assist in the daily operations of the poultry. But as a beginner, I would recommend that you operate in a small way until you get more mature. But if however you are a novice, you can engage an experienced person to work with you for a fee until you gain all the knowledge required to be independent.


7. Buying of chicks

You must research for the trusted poultry farmers and buy from them. Try to avoid the risk of buying unhealthy chicks or chicks that were not properly bred in terms of good nutrition’


8. Feeding the chicks

At the onset, you can begin with already prepared feeds until you are conversant with the feeds production. So buy already prepared feeds from trusted feeds sellers and wait until such a time you can prepare the feeds yourself.

Please for the medication rules, you must vaccinate the birds at the right time and always provide them with clean water as well as maintain proper hygiene to keep the birds healthy.

9. Selling the products

You must begin consultation from the outset of the retailers of eggs and know the prices that they buy crates of eggs. Collect their names and addresses and inform them that you have a farm and that in a particular time you will begin to supply them with eggs. You must make similar contacts for the sale of live chicken.


10. The budget

It will be a futile exercise to run down for you how much it will cost you to start your poultry farming. I would advise you to make a list of all the equipments you would need in the poultry farming business and do some window shopping in order to gather information on the prices. Also don’t forget to find out the cost a day old chick as well the poultry feeds. This is a basic Poultry farming business plan. After feasibility studies, you will have a more solid understanding.



Poultry farming has many ups and downs and can be profitable if handled with care.  To be successful in the business, you must be very careful, play by the rules and be patience.

If you are looking for other business ideas then check our page:

5 Ways to make Money as Chicken Farmer | $50,000 Monthly

There are several ways chicken farmers can earn or make money in the poultry industry, but meat and egg production are the most profitable niches in the poultry business. There is a high demand for chicken protein globally. The stats from uspoultry reported that the combined value of production from broilers, eggs, turkeys, and the value of sales from chickens in 2020 was $35.5 billion-So why won’t I become a chicken farmer?

A chicken keeper feeding her backyard birds grains

The phrase Chicken farmer is interchangeable with poultry farmer which means a farmer who keeps or rear domesticated fowls such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, etc, for the sole aim of making a profit, while to a lesser extent to keep them as pets or do it as a hobby.

As a chicken farmer or poultry farmer, your poultry products should be able to take care of your homestead and your farm’s bills and even have some money to keep for yourself.

On our school farm, we ensure that at least the farm produce is able to take care of bills like electricity, water, , security, sanitation levy, etc. In addition, it serves as a learning ground for our students. Most of them do pick up interest to study Animal or chicken-related course in the university.

I Later borrowed a leaf that one can also make money from chicken by simply providing an online class or writing an ebook because people are now developing  interest in poultry farming, and obviously they will be needing  some guide, which you can provide and charge them for it.

1.Selling of Eggs

Selling chicken eggs one of the most profitable ways to make money from your chicken. If you are a hobby chicken keeper and you don’t know what to do with your surplus eggs, you can decide to sell them to at least maintain your chicken coop.

Furthermore, if you intend to go to commercial production as a side hustle then you really have to raise laying breeds that can lay about 300-350 eggs per annum.  I have written separate posts for cost and profit from rearing 200 layers and cost and profit from rearing 1000 layers. From the analysis,  you will be making a profit of approximately $6,000 from 1000 layers in 12 months.


Another way your laying hens can bring in a profit to your hobby farm or backyard farm is by selling fertile eggs for hatching. Some people find it difficult to tame  and keep a rooster, so, they will usually buy fertilized eggs from local shops. So,   If you’re lucky enough to be able to keep a rooster in your flock…well he’ll do the hard work for you, and you can sell direct to homesteaders or supply to local shops in your vicinity.

Also, you’ll be able to sell fresh hatching eggs to this neighbor and interested buyers. It will help to have one breed of chickens so that you get purebred eggs but you can sell a barnyard mix too.

On our school farm, we have about three roosters to  20 hens which lay pretty large numbers of fertilized eggs, although we don’t hatch them, the hens are good sitters so they do the hatching themselves, where you have poor sitters you can sell the Fertile eggs to those who needs them. Fertile eggs from purebred chickens will get a high price, especially if they are a rare breed.  You’ll just need to collect your eggs regularly and store them safely.

3. Selling Day-Old CHICKS 


Selling day-old chicks is another great way to make money with chickens. I could remember my grand mum do sell off her chicks every eke market day. Also at this stage, You have very little expense invested into to the chicks, and your incubator, if automatic, will do most of the work as well.

It is a good marketing practice to check for an interesting market before you sell your eggs. Some potential buyers will be other homesteaders, farmers, feed, and farm supply stores. You can facilitate you selling by  advertising them on social medial groups and forums- again, have purebred chicks to offer.


If you do not know how to sex chicks you can sell them as straight-run, which means they can be either hens or roos. You can hatch eggs in less than 30 days. You may want to consider having multiple incubators  for starting a larger chick production- that is how major hatcheries started.


Another option for  to earn money as a chicken farmer  is by raising pullets. Pullets are hens under the age of one and near their laying time or already laying. Many backyard farmers/ homesteaders don’t want to raise chicks due to the stress usually associated with brooding or the equipment needed. While others cannot afford to wait for months to getting them laying eggs.

Your customers will be willing to pay more for a point of lay hen or hen already laying eggs. A pullet could be sold for $5 to $20 depending on the age and breed. Your time and expense should be taken into consideration when deciding on a price and if this is the right profit for you. You’ll need a considerable amount of space, preferably deep litter.

5. Selling Meat Birds


Broiler chickens

The most common breed of bird for this purpose is your broiler chickens. Broiler chickens are hybrid breed created to grow fast with a lot of breast meat within 6 to 8 weeks of age. Meat production is one of the fastest ways to make money as a chicken farmer.

However, when it comes to meat production, there are a few different options. If you are planning to sell them processed and ready to eat or as a live bird you will need to check your area’s laws concerning meat processing and selling.


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