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How To Make100 Thousand Naira Daily With Kuda App


Kuda referral is back again. Although these offers are not available on the platform before it seems they are running some promotions on their platform which makes them bring these offers to us from kuda you can now earn free on kuda ways to make these happen will be explained below follow up.

Kuda is an app related just like opay for does if you don’t know about it before we will discuss some brief details about it soon. But note that our main aim on the app is to know how to make money from it monthly and likely weekly indeed let’s just say weekly, let go by knowing
what kuda platform and what we can use the app to do.  Opera news Hub

What Is Kuda? 

Kuda is a platform where you can save your money, make bills related online, and transfer money to any bank in Nigeria without any charges although the app is safe, the operate just like our noble opay platform which will make use of too. Opera news Hub

Kuda has related features just like opay was designed and established by an opera company to make some transactions online on the money aspect.

Having known what the kuda app is all about now lets me know how you can make money from it on a daily basis.

How To Earn From Kuda

You can earn from kuda simply by making use of their platform to run some transactions online and earn free N1000 from kuda too if you refer anybody to the app or platform but there are some things to be done before you can get this N1000 to the app view the person you refer to.

How To Earn Free 1000 From Kuda

    1. Firstly All you have to do is to download the app (kuda app).
    2. Get it downloaded from here
    3. After successful download and installation to your device.
    1. Open the app and start running the registration with the app.
    2. By providing the information that will be asked from the app.
    3. SNAP A selfie with an app, and provide your  BVN ( Bank Verification Number) follow by a valid id (driver’s license, Identity card, NIN are recommended valid cards to be used.
    1.  Don’t worry the app is safe. It is a secure platform. They won’t temper your details.
    2. Provide them anything they ask for Use these code RqXUHQxv as your referral code if you want to earn from kuda, For it is mandatory.
    3. After successful registration now deposits money to the app, With Just a minimum amount of N500.
    1. Now you should use the 500 you just deposit to purchase airtime.
    2. Then Boom you can now start earning too from people you refer to.
    3. You and the person you invite to the platform will earn yourself free 1000 once every step are taken as stated.
  1. Make sure you tell the people you are referring to the platform too to follow the same steps or refer them to these posts.

What You Need To Know About Kuda Latest Referral Program

Share #2000 equally with a friend
Get #1000 when a friend signs up with your Kuda referral code, adds a BVN and a valid ID, and buys N500 airtime. Your friend also gets N1000!

Do you all know we don’t deal with fake money? Make a platform alitech ghat you will 100% well review and safe platform to make money online.

How To Copy Refer Code From Kuda App

    • Just open the app slide to more option
    • You will be provided with different kinds of options there.
    • Select the one of Referrals there
  • From there you can copy your refer code and share it with your friends.
  • Get the download link by sharing the app on any social media.

How To Withdraw From Kuda App

You can make your withdrawal to any of your Nigeria bank accounts anytime you wish to withdraw on the kuda app, just keep referring your friends and earn more from kuda, don’t think twice N1000 per refer is not a joke image how much you make If you refer to 10 people.

How To Make Money With palm pay

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Make money on palmpay as well as Earn money online using Palmpay as a Nigerian is a pretty good opportunity. You can earn a lot of cash from the Palmpay App, which is a very good opportunity to make money online if you are a Nigerian.

There are different ways of making money online using Palmpay which include cash backs, coupon, free gifts, completing daily task and the biggest of all the refer and earn program.

In this guide I will be explaining the various means which you can earn money online using Palmpay. Read this guide complete and earn that your urgent 2k.

About the Palmpay Apk

Palmpay is one of the biggest electronic banks in Nigeria with over 10 million registered users. The application was launched to perform the following services such as free transfers to Nigerian banks, payment of bills such as electricity bills, airtime, Cable TV, funding of betting wallets and lots more.

About the Palmpay Referral Program:  Earn money online using Palmpay

Make Money on Palmpay

The Palmpay referral program was designed to reward it customers to make money on palmpay, who will invite friends or recommend people to register the application using their unique link, and completing some few easy tasks.

How it Works

If you refer someone using your unique referral link, you get to receive cash benefit up to 700 naira – 2000 naira depending on the total number of people you have referred.

This program is one of the best ways to earn money online using Palmpay application. I have earned a lot from this program and withdrawal is instant.

How do you register and Earn money online using Palmpay?

If you already have an account with Palmpay you are good to make money on palmpay. But if you are new or you want to start fresh then I will be showing you how to register the Palmpay pay and Earn money online using Palmpay.

  1. Click Here to be taken to the registration page.
  2. After you’ve clicked the link the you are to enter your mobile phone  number which hasn’t been registered before
  3. The you can click on Claim on Benefit, you will be redirected to the app store or playstore depending on your device type
  4. Go ahead to download the Palmpay apk from the store and open It
  5. Open the application input that same number you have used earlier, input the verification code, and fill out your necessary details
  6. Set your “4 digit pin” for authorizing transactions
  7. And then you are good to go.

After completing these steps you are good to make money on palmpay. You will receive a 100 naira airtime coupon which you will use to buy airtime for yourself which is a little gift from Palmpay

Congratulations you have registered the app and you are ready to Earn money online using Palmpay.

How to Accumulate Benefits from the Palmpay application   

You can earn a lot of benefit from Palmpay everyday by being active, you earn cash backs, coupons for airtime, data, TV even as well as for funding betting wallets. Like me, I receive a daily data coupon of 100 naira from Palmpay for free.

Every day you login you get a benefit and also receive 2mb, which would eventually accumulate to be a good amount of data for you.

Palmpay Referral Code:

You start by clicking this link and be redirected to my referral code link which you will us to register.

Note that after every withdrawal your Palmpay referral link is been updated. With this link you can invite your friends and earn money online using the Palmpay which is a good way of making money online.

How much is the Referral?

Once your invitee signs up and tops up airtime using the free 100 naira coupon you get 700 which you can withdraw to your balance instantly. To make money on palmpay isn’t that of a big deal,  just give it a trial.

Palmpay Referral Program Rules

These are some things you should take note of to make money on palmpay and avoid losing your referral benefits.

Make Money on Palmpay
  1. Each of the referral tasks is valid for 1 week. that is every of the generated referral link will only be valid the specified amount of  amount of time
  2. Every of your invitee should complete his/her tasks before the 1 week time elapsed
  3. An invitee must complete verification (KYC) before you will be reward the bonus.
  4. Your invitee must top up airtime
  5. They should sign up with their Full Names and legal names as it appears in their BVN, account number, NIN which they will be using to complete KYC

How to See your Palmpay Referral

On the Home page click on refer and earn you will be taken to the to the page where you will be seeing your current invitees, you current amount made, and also your remaining days left to complete the task.

Steps to Earn money online using Palmpay application

The following is the guiding steps to to Earn money online using Palmpay referral program. Earn up to 7000 naira per day using this program. These are steps I complete in few minutes and make money on palmpay.

STEP 1:  Share your referral Link

Share your link to the person you are referring, he/she should follow the link and input his/her mobile number and then download the Palmpay application.

Make Money on Palmpay step 1

STEP 2: Register the Application

Your invitee should, register the application duly, and fill the necessary information and also create transaction pin (four digit pin).

Make Money on Palmpay step 2

STEP 3: Complete KYC Verification

They should complete using bank account, BVN or NIN, first, before purchasing the airtime using the free airtime voucher given to your invitee.

Make Money on Palmpay step 3

Without completing KYC your reward might be blocked and you will lose everything

STEP 4: Purchase Airtime

Normally the new user gets free 100 naira airtime coupon, you can use that coupon to purchase airtime of 100 and above. It is the last step of claiming your reward. Once your invitee has purchase an airtime, you can go to yyour referral page to see that your bonus has been added

Make Money on Palmpay step 5

STEP 5: Withdraw your Earning

After completing the task above, you will be reward with 700 and asked to withdraw it to your main Palmpay wallet balance. Or you will be asked to invite 2 more users to get up to 2000 naira. Withdraw your earning and enjoy.

Make Money on Palmpay step 5

This is one of the easiest way to Earn money online using Palmpay within few minutes. Remember the more you invite the more you earn.

Can I make money on palmpay app?

It is undoubtful that with the referral program you can make money on Palmpay, at least a not less than 700+ per day

Do I need to deposit or pay for the program to make money on Palmpay?

No the Palmpay program is absolutely free.

Do I have my own referral Link?

Yes everyone has a unique link that, they would use to make money on palmpay. note that it renews every time you make a withdrawal or after 7 days.


this is one of the best and easiest way to to Earn money online using Palmpay, by referring your friends each invite you are paid a whole sum of 700 naira.

Imagine you have registered or referred up to 10 people in a day that is about 7000 naira and almost 50k in a week this means it is a good way to make money on palmpay. Come on what are you waiting for, just go ahead and earn money online using Palmpay. If you love this guide please share with your friends,  If you have any questions please drop it in the comment sections, and get answered immediately.

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How To Make Money Through Flutter wave

Flutterwaves provides many benefits for businesses, and along with these benefits comes the opportunity to make money. However, in order to utilize this opportunity and earn a steady income for yourself, you need to first understand how flutterwave works.

In my last article I explained how flutter wave works, if you haven’t read it, I’ll recommend you to do so before attempting to make money with flutterwave.

Right in this post, we have explained four different ways to make money with flutterwave and how to get started.

Best Ways to Make Money With Flutterwave

Here are the best ways to make money with flutterwave.

Affiliate Marketing 

One of the best ways to make money with Flutterwave is through affiliate marketing. It helps you earn money from your referrals based on commission. Your only job is to recommend these Flutterwave services to potential users with a traceable affiliate code. When any of these users activate and make transactions, you earn commissions while sitting at home.

Isn’t that cool? You keep earning income even while you sleep.

How to begin;

  1. Sign up or Log in to your account.
  2. On the overview section click on “referrals”.
  3. Then click on “copy your referral link”.
  4. Send this link to all business owners you know.

Note: You might need to tell them a little about how flutterwave works for them to be interested in signing up.

Creating a Store for Your Freelance or e-Commerce Business 

This is another good way to make money with flutterwave. Flutterwave store is an easy way to own and manage your e-Commerce business. It provides you with the benefits of having an online business store without creating a website. In essence, you can make more sales.

For example: Let’s say you acquire a maximum of 50 customers monthly through your physical store or personal social media pages. When you create a store on flutterwave, you can get more customers outside your contact lists and visibility. Hence, creating a flutterwave store gives you access to the global market. Even more, it brings businesses online with minimal hassle.

How to begin;

  1. Sign in to your dashboard and select “Store”.
  2. On the store page, click “setup my store”.
  3. Edit the store name to a name you want to use.
  4. Enter your “store description” and “URL” if necessary.
  5. Click complete “Set up” and your store link will be generated and displayed on the dashboard. (You can share this link with your prospective customers and also add it to your social media pages).
  6. Next, add your products by clicking “Add products”.
  7. Fill in the details of your new products. Your product will immediately be displayed on the dashboard.

Using Flutterwave to Receive Payments

Flutterwave provides you with an easy way to receive payments from anywhere in the world with card payments, bank accounts, USSD, and more. You don’t need to worry about losing any sales because of a payment issue. With the flutterwave payment link, you have the opportunity to increase your business income.

How to begin;

  1. In your Flutterwave dashboard, go to the Payment Links page and select “Create Payment Link”.
  2. For a single payment, select “Single Charge” while for a payment plan select “Recurring Charge”.
  3. Fill in details of the payment; if you wish to allow your customers to specify the amount to be paid, leave the “Amount field” empty, otherwise, fill in a specific amount.
  4. Then, select “Create Link” to create the link to your payment page.

The payment link will be on your dashboard. Copy and share the link with your clients for them to make payments using their cards, bank accounts, USSD, etc., as applicable.

Flutterwave as Your Mobile POS

Currently, people in Africa, especially Nigeria are making money with the POS business. Although the business is rampant so getting a physical POS might be a little difficult. But with flutterwave, you can have a mobile POS. The flutterwave mobile performs the function of a cash register and physical POS machine. That is, you can accept payments from your customers, issue receipts, and also keep sales records. In summary, flutterwave mobile turns your mobile phone into your personal POS, online store, and general mobile business headquarter.

How to begin;

  1. Download the app from Play or Apple Store.
  2. Sign in by filling in your details.
  3. Proceed to the home page section and select “POS”.
  4. Select how to want to receive payment. E.g USSD, debit card, and others.
  5. If you selected “Debit/Credit Card”, Scan the “QR code” provided.

The Best 15 Arbitrage Virtual Dollar Card Providers in Nigeria – May 2023

The emergence of various financial service providers has enabled the increasing adoption of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. While some fintech companies are suspending the operations of virtual dollar cards in the country, other providers of this product are coming to the fore of offering you a wide range of options for virtual dollars.

A virtual card can be likened to a physical card in terms of appearance but you can only use virtual cards for online transactions. As the focus of this article is on virtual dollar cards, it is noteworthy to understand what a virtual dollar card is and its importance.

What Is A Virtual Dollar Card?

A virtual dollar card is a non-physical card that is dollar-denominated to enable online payments. You can use a virtual dollar card in Nigeria when you are unable to use naira-denominated credit or debit cards in Nigeria.

The advent of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria is to better improve online shopping and payments among Nigerians that use international platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, Ali Express, Facebook, Netflix, and whatnot. For instance, your Nigerian ATM cards won’t enable you to make purchases or subscriptions on digital platforms like Apple Music. But you can achieve that with virtual dollar cards because they do not have restrictions.

One benefit of virtual dollar cards is that you do not have to go to a bank to get them. You can get a virtual dollar card via an app on your smartphone. Also, getting a virtual dollar card comes with ease, unlike a physical dollar card which you can use across Nigerian banks for making payments. But you need a domiciliary before you can have the card, which can be stressful with its documentation process.

Today, there are many in Nigeria providing virtual dollar cards for Nigerians. Therefore, you will always find one that perfectly meets your needs while you can decide to have multiple virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

Criteria For Selecting Virtual Dollar Card Providers In Nigeria

There is a need to look at some features of virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria to make an apt decision on whether the product will suit your needs at the time of use.

1. Security

The security of payments or transactions must be paramount to any virtual dollar card provider, as nobody wants to risk the loss of money in the process of making online transactions. This is why you must take a keen look at the security framework put in place to ensure there is no data breach on your virtual card when you are using it online.

2. User-Friendliness

We all want to use a platform that has easy navigation without some complexity of features that would make such a platform unsuitable for beginners. So ensure you choose a virtual dollar card provider that has a simple and easy user interface that can help you achieve your payment process with little or no aid.

3. Accessibility

Your virtual card provider must meet some terms of accessibility with responsive customer support that is readily available to resolve your queries. Also, the virtual dollar card must avail you to make international transactions or payments without border or time restrictions.

4. Card Limit And Fees

These are a criterion you must take to the cognizance of to help you on how optimally the virtual dollar card is going to meet your online needs as far as making payments are concerned. While some cards have a card limit of $1000, others can be up to $10,000.

You must also take a look at the transaction fee to inform you of how much the virtual dollar card provider will charge you when you use the virtual dollar card for your transactions.

The Top 15 USD Virtual Cards That Work In Nigeria

Listed below are Nigeria’s best virtual dollar card providers that enable you to make online payments for products and services:

  1. Chippercash
  2. Cashbuddy
  3. Padiepal Master Card
  4. Payday virtual dollar card
  5. Fundall
  6. Bitsika virtual card
  7. Carbon
  8. Eyowo
  9. ALAT By Wema card
  10. Gomoney virtual card
  11. Mintyn
  12. WalletsAfrica
  13. Changera
  14. Kuda bank card
  15. Barter card By Flutterwave

Let’s take a deep dive into each of them to analyse the benefits and drawbacks so you can make the best decision in choosing which card is best for you.

1. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash virtual dollar card

Chipper Cash provides virtual dollar cards that enable you to make online international transactions. You can fund a Chipper Cash Visa virtual dollar card from your Chipper wallet and this is free. You should know that the way you use this virtual card is analogous to the way of using physical credit or debit cards.

The maximum daily withdrawal on the Chipper virtual dollar card is $1,000, although there is no limit for a total withdrawal from the card. You can find your card with a funding daily limit of $1,000 and your maximum monthly withdrawal limit is $5,000. Need to mention that Chippercash is legit, in case you’re wondering.

2. CashBuddy

You can have a CashBuddy virtual dollar card that enables you to make payments on platforms like Apple Music, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Skrill. As such you can use the platform to make and receive payments in Africa.

You will be charged $3 when you want to have a CashBuddy virtual dollar card, but the transactions are free. Your maximum funding of the virtual card is $10,000, both daily and monthly.

3. Padiepal Master Card

Padiepal is the final solution, the one stop shop for every corporate in need of an easy approach to cater their banking needs. The one stop solution for clients in need of a banking solution, completely online, debit cards and if required, a payment gateway for your ecommerce needs, international card processing. Padiepal market approach is focused on delivering services where the banking/fintech industry fails to cater.

4. Payday

You can use Payday to send and receive instant international payments. This platform also has a virtual dollar card for making international purchases and online payments at your convenience. Also, you can open foreign accounts in the currencies of US dollars, British pounds, and euros at no cost.

There are no funding or withdrawal limits when you use Payday virtual dollar card, which enables you to use the virtual card at your discretion. Moreover, Payday virtual dollar card review posits that a card is a great option for virtual card users.

5. Fundall

Fundall is a virtual dollar card provider in Nigeria that has a dollar-denominated virtual card that enables you to make international payments without cross-border restrictions.

You can create a virtual dollar card on the Fundall app, which is free for a first-time virtual card creation. Another feature of Fundall is that you can easily generate multiple virtual dollar cards to enable you to make a one-off payment for active transactions.

However, you need to fund your virtual dollar card with as low as $5 (in naira equivalent) to enable you to start using the virtual card.

6. Bitsika

Bitsika is a payment platform that enables you to send and receive money between Ghana and Nigeria. When you create a Bitsika account, you automatically have a Bitsika wallet that you can fund and use to make transfers to other Bitsika wallets or make other payments within Ghana, and by extension to Nigeria.

Bitsika has a virtual dollar card that enables you to make transactions, but you have to download a Bitsika app to get started.

7. Carbon

Carbon used to be a digital lender that has morphed into one of the top digital banks in Nigeria. You can now use Carbon for different payments and transactions. This includes money transfers, bills payment, instant loans, etc.

Carbon users can also use Carbon virtual dollar cards to make payments at online international trading platforms and other offline channels that support virtual dollar cards. The Getcarbon virtual card review underscores some level of confidence in using this platform for both local and international payments.

8. Eyowo

Eyowo is a fintech company dubbed a digital bank that enables its customers to send and receive money and make bill payments with their phone numbers. When you use Eyowo, you can access physical cash without necessarily having to use your ATM card.

This platform also offers a virtual dollar card which you can get for as low as $1, and there is no funding limit for your Eyowo virtual dollar card.

9. ALAT By Wema

ALAT virtual dollar card

ALAT virtual dollar card is a digitised card designed by ALAT, which is a digital platform regulated by Wema Bank. This virtual dollar card enables you to make purchases from international trading platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, etc.

You can create an ALAT virtual dollar card for free and you can fund your card for as much as $20,000, which you can do from your naira account. In the meantime, you can convert your dollars back to naira when you choose to do that.

10. Gomoney

Gomoney is a payment platform that enables peer-to-peer (P2P) payment and third-party services. You can easily use this platform at your convenience while making international payments.

To get a Gomoney virtual dollar card, you will have to upgrade your account to tier 2, and you can from here pay online (locally and internationally). However, your virtual dollar card limit is a function of the tier level of your Gomoney, which is why understanding the Gomoney virtual card review is important for its new users.

11. Mintyn Bank

Mintyn Digital Bank provides products and services that are in a way similar to that of traditional banks. One such is a virtual dollar card that enables you to shop for different products across the world.

You can use Mintyn’s virtual dollar card to send and receive money while you conveniently use international platforms like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Apple Music, etc. One major requirement of having a virtual dollar card on this platform is to fund your Mintyn account.

12. Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa is a platform that provides virtual and physical cards in naira and dollar denominations. Virtual dollar cards are helpful if you are a travelling enthusiast that considers physical cards unsuitable for your purpose.

Wallets Africa virtual dollar card is safe to use and the card comes with a monthly maintenance fee of $1. The platform also charges $0.75 as a fee for foreign transactions with a 2% fee to fund your virtual card from an external account.

13. Changera

Changera is a payment platform that provides various products and services, including virtual dollar cards. Changera customers can use the virtual dollar card to make different online payments on any trading platform across the globe, and Changera is worth the hype because of the low fees it charges when you use a Changera virtual card.

As a Changera user, you have the choice of accessing a varying model of its cards. Its users with a free plan can create virtual dollar cards to make payments for payments or other transactions.

14. Kuda

Kuda is a Nigerian digital bank that enables swift payment processes across Nigeria. One of its products is a virtual dollar card, which you can access on its mobile app. You can use Kuda virtual dollar card to send and receive money in US dollars instead of using a domiciliary account with traditional banks.

15. Barter By Flutterwave

Barter virtual dollar card

Flutterwave is a popular payment platform that has created a Barter app to enable fast money transfers. You can use this platform to buy cryptocurrencies, make money transfers, and whatnot. You are eligible to have a virtual dollar card once you have money in your account.

You must have a minimum of $5 in your account to create a Barter virtual dollar card. The cost of every virtual card is $2 with a monthly fee of $1 to get your card active.


Virtual dollar cards are great alternatives for making payments in online transactions. This is because this virtual card enables you to make purchases for your preferred products without restrictions.

Therefore, the above list of virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria has given you an overview of how to bolster online international transactions.

Unique Arbitrage Between Prepaid Cards, Debit Cards, And Credit Cards

Sequel to the advancement of the banking sector into a more digital and cashless industry, different types of cards have been initiated. Each of which possesses a distinct feature and purpose of usage. The most common types of cards are prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards, people often confuse these cards for the other.

When it comes to prepaid, debit, and credit cards, it’s important to note that these cards are not the same thing. However, they’re issued by companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, but these three types of cards are quite different. One common thing about the three is that they’re all used for making purchases.

This article has demonstrated the differences between prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards and also  how they’re used.

Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is a plastic card that can be loaded with funds at any retail store and these cards aren’t linked to a bank account. The user can spend up to the amount of money on the card and reload them, depending on the type of card. These prepaid cards often come as gifts or rewards but people without any bank account can request and purchase them. Using a prepaid card, you just load money on the card and then use it to make purchases. Companies like Walmart, Visa, and Amazon issue these cards and they can only be accepted as a medium of payment by businesses or stores linked to the card. There is no interest fee on this card, though there may be some fees depending on the type of card, such as initial setup fee, monthly maintenance.

Debit Cards

A debit card is one of the most popular bank cards around. Debit cards are different from prepaid cards, this time around, it is connected to your bank account. When you swipe them, the money is debited to your bank account. Debit cards ensure quick transactions and give you the option to make purchases with their money in your account without the need for cash. Companies like Visa and MasterCard issue these cards through banks, to their customers. They can also be used in any store or business that accepts Visa card or MasterCard. There’s no interest rate charged for using this card but there are other fees that may come with card, such as maintenance fee, ATM fee etc

Credit Cards

A credit card Is another type of card which is different from your bank account and gives you the benefit to make purchases by borrowing from a credit limit, which is dependent on your credit score and other factors.

It is important to know that you will be assigned a credit limit(the maximum amount you can spend from the card) when approved for a credit card.  You can spend this amount regularly and pay back without interest, if and only if you pay back before the next billing period but if you default on the monthly regular payment, you will charged interest on the card balance and this could reduce your credit score.

For example, if you get a credit card with an N5,000 limit, this means you can spend up to N5,000 on the card. Though you can carry your remaining balance,(unpaid used money) over to the next month, you will be charged interest on the card balance until you pay it off. This is why it’s advised to buy only what you can afford to pay for within your billing period. Credit cards can help you build your credit score and demonstrate that you are a trustworthy borrower. Credit cards are issued by companies like Visa and MasterCard through banks, to their customers. These cards can be used to make transactions in any store that accepts Visa and MasterCard and it can attract extra charges like foreign transaction fee, late return payment, balance transfer etc.

Bypass Nigeria Bank Card Spend Limit Up To $1,000 Monthly

Are you worried of $10 monthly spent limit?
You don’t have to, so many Nigeria are spending above $1,000 on there Naira Nigeria bank card.
I know you are doubting; but don’t worry, I will show you a simple steps.

So today am going to give you some expo on how to bypass international spending limit.
In Nigeria Bank such as Gtb, Zenith and Access have some special card different from normal card issue to user.

You can check List of Nigeria Special International Bank Card
After getting those Card you can visit your various exchange you want to spend, Add the card and make payments in foreign limit.

Alternatively: The fintech are another great privilege and platform to spend above $10,000 monthly but sometimes the rate are not good eg. N800/$ which is the same as black market.
Although some are ok and tested. Eg Padiepal and other fintech as well.

Banks Offering $1,000 Above Foreign Spend Limit Cards in Nigeria

There is a longstanding debate on the dominance and use of naira foreign cards in Nigeria. However, it help customers to spend above $20 limit on foreign exchange

In this post, we’ll be going through what naira foreign cards really are, and almost 90% are credit  card, and the top bank companies in Nigeria where you can get them.

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a plastic card that lets you access the credit limit your card issuer gives you.

A credit limit is like a loan. However, instead of giving you cash, the bank permits you to take as much credit as you desire for a period and then allows you to reuse the loan over and over and pay it back later.

How Does Credit Card Work in Nigeria?

A lot of processes go on during a credit card transaction. When you swipe your credit card to make a purchase, the merchant’s card terminal asks your credit card issuer whether the card is valid and if you have enough available credit.

Your card issuer sends a notification of the approval or rejection of the transaction. If it’s approved, you can take the goods and services and go on your way.

Every time you make a transaction, your credit goes down by that same amount. If you have a ₦100 credit limit and you make a ₦25 purchase, you’ll have ₦75 available credit remaining. You’ll be owing the bank ₦25.

If you borrow another ₦50 before paying back the ₦25 you borrowed, you would owe the bank a total of ₦75 and have ₦25 in available credit.

The difference between a credit card and a typical loan is that your limit is available after paying the balance on the card.

In the earlier example, if you paid back the ₦75 that you owed, you’d have ₦100 of available credit again.

Credit Card Companies in Nigeria

1. First Bank Nigeria ($800 Monthly)

With a First Bank credit card, you can make everyday purchases, consolidate your borrowing, and build a credit-worthy record for yourself.

There are 3 different types of credit cards offered by First Bank. They include:

  • Visa Infinite: This is the highest card in the visa range of card products. It is targeted at the top 1% to 5% of the bank’s customers. With the First Visa Infinite credit card, you get access to guaranteed transactions success rates and acceptance across all channels.
Visa Infinite Credit Card from First Bank
  • Naira Credit Card: This is an international credit card that is accepted for payment at over 29 million locations, and for cash withdrawals at over 1.8 million ATMS.
Naira Credit Card from First Bank
  • Visa Gold: This is a Dollars denominated card First Bank issues in partnership with Visa international.
Visa Gold Credit Card from First Bank

2. UBA Nigeria ($1,000 Monthly)

You can get the UBA Naira credit card if you’re a customer who has been using a UBA salary account for a minimum of 3 months.

This credit card can be used both locally in Nigeria, and internationally at any ATM or POS outlet. You will also enjoy a flexible repayment option of 10%.

3. Standard Chartered Nigeria ($2,000 Monthly)

There are two types of credit cards offered by Standard Chartered Nigeria. They include:

  • Visa Gold Credit Card: This requires a corporate organization employee to have a minimum salary of ₦75,000. For government employees, the minimum required salary you must have before you can access it is ₦50,000.
Visa Gold Credit card offered by Standard Chartered Nigeria
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card: To get access to this, You must have your salary account with Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria, plus, a good credit bureau history.
Visa Platinum Credit Card offered by Standard Chartered Nigeria

4. Zenith Bank ($500 Monthly)

Zenith Bank credit cards offer you the benefit of regular purchase on POS, web, and ATM. They offer a range of Classic, Gold, and Platinum credit cards that help you fund your lifestyle.

5. GTBank ($100 Monthly)

The GTBank Visa credit card is an internationally accepted payment card that is denominated in US Dollars. The card is valid for a period of 3 years.

6. Stanbic IBTC Bank ($1,000 Monthly)

The Stanbic IBTC credit card is a credit facility designed to provide you with cash when you need it the most. With this, you get up to 55 days of interest-free purchases and cash from any ATM worldwide. For more products from Stanbic, you can check out the

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