Various Brand Of Fish Feeds You Can Make money From.

Various Brand Of Fish Feeds You Can Make money From.


Among the several characteristics of living things is nutrition, and as we were taught in our biology, nutrition is simply the ability to feed. The keyword here is feed. Specifically, this article is centred on the types of fish feed in Nigeria.

It is important to be conversant with the various types of fish feed as it makes you know what type of feed to give your fish at certain points of your production cycle.

Every experienced fish farmer knows that certain factors influence one’s choice of feed for one’s fish. Therefore, in this article, we are going to look at all the information you need to have regarding various types of fish feed.

Types of fish feed
Fish feed

The Categories of Fish Feed

Medicated fish feed

This type of fish feed is treated with medications to treat ailments or correct the unhealthy behaviour of fish.

Dry Fish Feed

Mostly, fish in tropical areas or saltwater regions consume this type of feed. Dry fish feed is common in Nigeria and they are produced artificially using fibre and nutrients concentrates.

Dry fish feed is long-lasting and they don’t sink.

Frozen fish feed and freeze-dried feed

These types of fish feed are produced from organic ingredients found in fish habitation.

Ingredients for frozen fish feed and freeze-dried feed are almost similar as they have certain varying organic ingredients.

The freeze-dried feed contains ingredients such as mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, tubifex worm, bloodworms, and water fleas. The frozen fish feed has similar ingredients as freeze-dried feed but also includes daphnia.

Unlike freeze-dried feed, frozen fish feed is unprocessed, fresh, and perishable. The frozen fish feed can be sold in packets.

Vacation Fish Feed

This is also known as food blocks or weekend blocks.

As the name implies, this type of feed is suitable for fish in tropical areas where the fish farmer will not be present while its fish feed. This type of fish feed easily dissolves and settles at the bottom of the water.

Note that the quantity of feed thrown into a water body should be considered critically as excess feed may be left unconsumed by the fish which may subsequently pollute the water body and kill the fish.

Types of fish feed brands in Nigeria


Now let us discuss the types of fish feed brands in Nigeria. Hence:


Topfeeds fish feed
Skretting fish feed

Formerly known as Durante fish feed, Skretting has high nutrients, the protein in the Skretting feed can be as high as 48%. It is particularly good when you are raising your fish from fingerlings or you are hatching your fish and has a low feed conversion ratio (FCR). This boosts the growth rate of the fish.

Skretting feed comes in Superior Repro (for broodstock), Fish Starter (for larvae, fry, and fingerlings), and Superior (floating feed for older fish).

Skretting feeds are like a good alternative to feeding your fries with maggots. However, a survey shows that farmers do complain of the high cost of the Skretting feed.

Anyway, if you are considering becoming a patron, they have production facilities in over 18 countries including an Ibadan office in Nigeria.

Top Feeds

Types of fish feed
Topfeeds fish feed

Produced by Premier Feed Mills, a company initially known for producing poultry feeds, Top Feeds is one economic floating fish feed that one can recommend for fish, especially fish of 3 months old.

Top feeds come in Regular (for fingerlings, juvenile, and melange), Omega Fish Feed (for table size fish and broodstock).

The makers of Top Feeds have production plants in 3 locations in Ibadan, Calabar, and Kaduna.

Aller Aqua

Types of fish feed
Aller Aqua fish feed

Aller Aqua does not just involve feed for African Catfish, but also feeds for fishes like Crap, Eels, Salmon, Tilapia, Trout, and so on.

Aller Aqua comes in 3 different packs for Fry, Grower, and Broodstock fish. This helps to facilitate fish growth and health across different stages of their cycle.

Aller Aqua is produced by the company named Aller Aqua. Aller Aqua has factories in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Zambia, Egypt, China. The company exports its product to over 60 countries in the world.

Blue Crown

Types of fish feed
Blue crown fish feed

Blue Crown boasts of nutritional strength in amino and protein balance. And for local farmers, Blue Crown makes a great substitute for pricey international brands such as Skretting.

Blue Crown is a major supplement of freshwater fish feed to thousands of local farmers in Nigeria.

Note that Blue Crown is a product of Olam Group with factories located in Ilorin, Kwara State.


Types of fish feed
Ecofloat fish feed

Ecofloat is another product of Olam Group. It is particularly suitable for local farmers as it is cheap and solves the problem of keeping feed afloat without hassle.


Types of fish feed
Coppens fish feed

The percentage of protein in Coppens can go as high as 56%. Coppens feed comes in Advance (for fries), Start premium, Pre-grower, Special pro, Grower, Essence, and Repro (for broodstock).

Coppens makes a great substitute for Skretting and they produce feed for catfish, Tilapia, Trout, Eel, etc.

Note that Coppens is produced in The Netherlands by a company called Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre.

Vital Feeds

Types of fish feed
Vital fish feed

Vital Feed is produced by Grand Cereals, and just like Skretting, has a low feed conversion ratio and high feed conversion efficiency. This helps farmers to have a relatively good profit ratio during fish harvest.

Their fish feed is highly formulated to float when given to the fish which makes the market-leading fish feed.

Vital Feed comes in a 15kg package and their catfish feed ranges from 2mm to 9mm. Vital Feed is highly formulated to stay afloat when thrown into a pond.

Vital Feeds are produced to cater for catfish, gold fry, aquaboom, and tilapia.
Grand Cereals is situated along Abeokuta Express Way.

The types of fish feed mentioned above do not exhaust the various types of fish feed one can find in Nigeria as there are many other good ones.

Note that your choice of from the types of fish feed or fish feed brand depends on some factors. It depends on three (3) factors namely; availability, price, and quality.

What to consider before choosing a brand of fish feed


You wouldn’t want to choose a product that isn’t readily available especially after your fish exhaust them. When choosing from the types of fish feed in existence, ensure that you can easily get a steady and timely supply of such product, if not, you will only find yourself struggling to keep your fish alive.

So, choose your brand based on the location of your fish farm or the abundance of fish feed in your given location.


This is all about having a sustainable budget that will buoyantly finance your fish farm throughout its production cycle.

Therefore, before choosing from the types of fish feed available; consider the depth of your pocket first, set a budget against the cost of production and forecasted profit.


Quality is crucial when it comes to obtaining feeds for your fish. A feed of poor quality can render your efforts useless.

The various types of fish feed mentioned are of good quality, but there are unscrupulous characters out there making fake products.

Hence, the reason why you must know of the ingredients contained in a product as well as buy directly from the manufacturers or approved distributors.

This justifies the reasons why this article contains the locations of the factories manufacturing the aforementioned types of fish feeds.


Recall that at the beginning of this article I indicated that every living thing can feed. Well, biology further taught us that food or feed in a balanced quantity and in a conducive circumstance helps to keep us healthy as well as enable our growth.

Therefore, cultivating healthy fish is not just dependent on the types of fish feed used but also on other factors such as species of fish life cycle stage, environment, and feeding pattern.

So, as you venture into fish farming, do well to check out the types of fish feed, considering a suitable feed for your fishes at a given time whilst putting into consideration a given circumstance.

This will help create a smooth operation and a sustainable system. This will give you value for money spent.


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