How To Make Lots Of Money From Catfish Farming

How To Make Lots Of Money From Catfish Farming



Catfish is a staple food in this part of the world and those that are into the business of catfish can assert that it is lucrative. There are people out there making lots of money from catfish business.

Interestingly, there are various ways of making money from catfish business without even owning a catfish farm. Yes, catfish business is beyond rearing catfish from juvenile to table size.

In this article, I will show you diverse ways of engaging in catfish business requiring just some of your cash and money. Below are money-making ways to engage in catfish farming.

Catfish business

This is very technical because you need to be trained and you need patience to gain mastery in catfish hatching. People have paid thousands of naira to learn hatchery.

It involves a process of artificially inducing a female catfish (usually weighs about 2kg or more) to produce fries.

Usually, hatching takes 24 to 48 hours. After eggs are hatched, the fingerlings or juveniles or fries are nurtured for four to seven weeks before sales to farmers that will raise them to table size or melange.

Hatchery is a money-maker in catfish business and you can choose to learn.

Rearing catfish to table size

Catfish business
Table size catfish

This is the commonest form of making money from catfish as many persons are into raising catfish from fingerlings to table size. This involves buying fingerlings or juveniles from reliable farmers and cultivating them for at least 3 months before sales.

Raising catfish from fingerlings to table size is capital intensive as it involves expenses on things like feed or medication. However, the market for table-size catfish is huge because hotels, restaurants, bars, gardens, and homes demand for it.

Sales of broodstock

Broodstocks are simply adult male and female catfish induced to produce fingerlings.

This way of making money from catfish business involves raising your fries to table size then selling them to farmers looking to run a hatchery. Such farmers will buy a melange or table-sized fish then nurture for at least eight months till they are mature enough to start mating and producing eggs for hatching into fingerlings or fries.

A broodstock should not be less than 1kg. A good female broodstock can produce a minimum of 20,000 fries at a go.

This way of making money from catfish business is less risky and expensive. You only need to feed a broodstock once.

Catfish processing and packaging

Catfish business
A processed catfish

This is another cool way of making money from catfish business because the demand for it outweighs the supply.

It involves less risk and you do not have to process the catfish yourself. You can outsource for processed catfish then package, put your brand name, and sell to consumers.

Engaging in consultancy service

There are two ways to offer consultancy services in catfish business and they include; offering consultancy on how to start a catfish business and consultancy on how to manage a farm.

You can make money from consultancy services because there will always be members of the population who need guidance or knowledge on how to run their business or manage their farms.

All that is required is to your time, dedication, and money in learning to become a consultant in the catfish business.

Renting or leasing farm space

This is another lucrative way to make money through catfish farming because about 80% of persons engaged in catfish farming don’t have land or space to erect fish ponds and cultivate catfish.

All you need to do is to acquire land, erect fish ponds if you like (the farmers may erect fish ponds themselves) then rent out to persons that want to start a fish farm or people looking to expand their catfish farm.

However, acquiring land can be capital intensive but it is highly profitable. You’ll be amazed by the number of persons demanding spaces in your land.

Retailing catfish equipment and feed

Apart from involving yourself in the actual cultivation of catfish, you can opt to venture into retailing catfish feeds and equipment for catfish farming.

This can be highly profitable depending on the location of your store and how well you manage your store. Location matters, so you should start a shop in a place where catfish farming is common.

So, you can start making money by erecting or renting a shop and start selling catfish farming equipment or catfish feed. It is a lucrative venture.


Working as an agent

This is not your regular 9-5 job but it can be quite profitable. This simply involves connecting catfish buyers with catfish sellers, and earning commission based on transactions made.

An agent gets buyers for catfish sellers or sellers for catfish buyers. He or she makes money from a commission based on the number of catfish sold or bought.

Organising catfish business workshops and seminars

Catfish business
A typical seminar

Remember making money from catfish consultancy? Well, organising workshops and seminars is almost similar to consultancy because they both involve teaching or learning.

However organising seminars or workshops  for catfish farming involves the schooling of many persons, at a time, on the ways to run a smooth and sustainable catfish business. It requires you to be highly knowledgeable and experienced. To be able to solve problems and give answers to questions.

This can be highly profitable because each attendee is expected to pay money to participate in a workshop or seminar. People do pay thousands of naira, so you can use this method to enrich yourself in just a short while.

You can also make more money from sales of catfish farming courses in hard copies, ebooks, picture books, and online stock images during workshops and seminars.


Catfish business is an emerging market for entrepreneurs and an opportunity for unemployed youth to empower themselves. There are diverse ways to make money from the business, you just need to recognise what works for you, carve out a niche for yourself, and establish yourself.

The ways to make money in catfish business are all mentioned above, carefully opt for one or two ways that you think you can handle. Remember, every business requires time, discipline, and consistency. Make your choice, start right away and the sky will be your starting point.

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