Make more money accumulating gift card (up to $10,000)

Make more money accumulating gift card (up to $10,000)


Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts in the world. People love to receive them; they’re also a great way to recycle money. But did you know that you can trade gift cards for cash and make money.

  1. Over the years, trillions of dollars have been used to purchase gift cards as gifts to loved ones or as alternative tenders for cash. Imagine the shocker when you discover that more than 40% of gift card owners lose their cards after one or two uses. This creates a considerable wastage gap which sees millions of dollars go back to the hands of the gift card or e-commerce owner. Selling gift cards is one of the ways to prevent this waste. This way, the gift cards are converted to easily spendable cash and accorded to a person with a better and more pressing need.


  1. Gift cards are not usable worldwide as their use cases are tied to the country of purchase. This means a U.S. STEAM gift card is not functional in the U.K. or elsewhere. Given how globalised the world is, selling a gift card is the only way to go if you are in a country where you can’t use it. That means that you can quickly get as close to the value of your gift card in legal tender if you need cash in a country that doesn’t allow for this exchange.

So How Can You Make Money Accumulating Gift Cards?

The answer is simple… Buy them cheap and sell them high (Trading)

Selling gift cards has made a lot of people millions of dollars yearly. With more than 50% of gift card owners either forgetting they own one or losing it, millions of dollars go to waste every year.

The business of trading gift cards becomes necessary to help holders get their money’s worth or risk losing out on both ends.

How is it done?

To make money with gift cards, you need to do two things.

1. Find someone willing to sell at a discounted rate.

Many people want to let go of their unused gift cards at unbelievably discounted rates. Many platforms, like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, craigslist and Reddit, wish to sell their gift cards for up to half the price. Finding a venue with these sellers and buying these gift cards creates an opportunity for you. You can either access the benefits of that gift card or…

2. Sell the gift card at a slightly higher price to people or businesses in need of it.

On those same markets or on gift card exchanges like Cardtonic, you can trade your gift card for cash. Many times for reasonably higher rates than you purchased them. These gift cards will be used by the buyers or made available to people who have a pressing need. You can get as much as 10% in profit using this strategy and make a lot of money if you can buy and sell gift cards in bulk.

Where Does Cardtonic Come In?

Cardtonic allows users to trade their gift cards in Ghana and Nigeria. It also sells gift cards in bulk to organisations. Users can accrue reward points and even win a car simply by trading.

With this innovative provision, gift cards will never go to waste. Even when they cannot be used in certain areas, users know where to sell gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana at the best possible rates.

With a customer support system that attends to your needs every week, you can become wealthy by trading in your gift cards confidently with Cardtonic at the best rate possible.

Cardtonic also has one of the fastest payouts in the whole of Africa, with payment time typically not exceeding more than 30 minutes after confirmation.

How To Start Selling Gift Cards On Cardtonic

To sell your gift cards on Cardtonic, simply download the app on the Google play store or App store. You can also use the website

  1. Once logged in, go to the dashboard, and click on Trade Gift Cards.
  2. You will be taken to the trade page, where you must fill in the required trade details. Select Category (This is the name of the gift card you have for sale).
  3. Then select SUBCATEGORY. Subcategories fall under categories, and this is where you further specify exactly what type of card you have. For Instance, USA ITUNES PHYSICAL (50-100) means:  Your card country is the USA. The category is ITUNES. The card is PHYSICAL (Which means you have the card picture, if you had only the code, it would be ENCODE).  50-100 means your card amount falls within 50 to 100. But this doesn’t mean you cannot upload more than 100 in this subcategory. If you have 50 in 4 places, you can upload the four, as long as each card amount falls within 50 to 100. Just enter the total amount in the amount field.
  1. Next, enter your total gift card amount. If you had ITUNES $50 in two places, then the amount to enter would be $100 (50*2). Always enter the total gift card amount.
  2. The total amount payable will be calculated and shown below using the information provided above. The rate used to calculate will also be shown.
  3. You can leave a comment, E.G., type out your ecode, or if you want to pass a piece of information across to the admin regarding your trade. And you can leave this field empty.
  4. Click on “Upload Card” to upload images of your gift card. You can upload multiple images at once.
  5. Then click on START TRADE.

Terms and conditions peculiar to the subcategory selected would pop up. Kindly read the requirements and conditions before you proceed to trade.

Finally, click on COMPLETE TRADE.

You’ll get feedback in a few minutes!

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