How To Make Money With palm pay

How To Make Money With palm pay

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Make money on palmpay as well as Earn money online using Palmpay as a Nigerian is a pretty good opportunity. You can earn a lot of cash from the Palmpay App, which is a very good opportunity to make money online if you are a Nigerian.

There are different ways of making money online using Palmpay which include cash backs, coupon, free gifts, completing daily task and the biggest of all the refer and earn program.

In this guide I will be explaining the various means which you can earn money online using Palmpay. Read this guide complete and earn that your urgent 2k.

About the Palmpay Apk

Palmpay is one of the biggest electronic banks in Nigeria with over 10 million registered users. The application was launched to perform the following services such as free transfers to Nigerian banks, payment of bills such as electricity bills, airtime, Cable TV, funding of betting wallets and lots more.

About the Palmpay Referral Program:  Earn money online using Palmpay

Make Money on Palmpay

The Palmpay referral program was designed to reward it customers to make money on palmpay, who will invite friends or recommend people to register the application using their unique link, and completing some few easy tasks.

How it Works

If you refer someone using your unique referral link, you get to receive cash benefit up to 700 naira – 2000 naira depending on the total number of people you have referred.

This program is one of the best ways to earn money online using Palmpay application. I have earned a lot from this program and withdrawal is instant.

How do you register and Earn money online using Palmpay?

If you already have an account with Palmpay you are good to make money on palmpay. But if you are new or you want to start fresh then I will be showing you how to register the Palmpay pay and Earn money online using Palmpay.

  1. Click Here to be taken to the registration page.
  2. After you’ve clicked the link the you are to enter your mobile phone  number which hasn’t been registered before
  3. The you can click on Claim on Benefit, you will be redirected to the app store or playstore depending on your device type
  4. Go ahead to download the Palmpay apk from the store and open It
  5. Open the application input that same number you have used earlier, input the verification code, and fill out your necessary details
  6. Set your “4 digit pin” for authorizing transactions
  7. And then you are good to go.

After completing these steps you are good to make money on palmpay. You will receive a 100 naira airtime coupon which you will use to buy airtime for yourself which is a little gift from Palmpay

Congratulations you have registered the app and you are ready to Earn money online using Palmpay.

How to Accumulate Benefits from the Palmpay application   

You can earn a lot of benefit from Palmpay everyday by being active, you earn cash backs, coupons for airtime, data, TV even as well as for funding betting wallets. Like me, I receive a daily data coupon of 100 naira from Palmpay for free.

Every day you login you get a benefit and also receive 2mb, which would eventually accumulate to be a good amount of data for you.

Palmpay Referral Code:

You start by clicking this link and be redirected to my referral code link which you will us to register.

Note that after every withdrawal your Palmpay referral link is been updated. With this link you can invite your friends and earn money online using the Palmpay which is a good way of making money online.

How much is the Referral?

Once your invitee signs up and tops up airtime using the free 100 naira coupon you get 700 which you can withdraw to your balance instantly. To make money on palmpay isn’t that of a big deal,  just give it a trial.

Palmpay Referral Program Rules

These are some things you should take note of to make money on palmpay and avoid losing your referral benefits.

Make Money on Palmpay
  1. Each of the referral tasks is valid for 1 week. that is every of the generated referral link will only be valid the specified amount of  amount of time
  2. Every of your invitee should complete his/her tasks before the 1 week time elapsed
  3. An invitee must complete verification (KYC) before you will be reward the bonus.
  4. Your invitee must top up airtime
  5. They should sign up with their Full Names and legal names as it appears in their BVN, account number, NIN which they will be using to complete KYC

How to See your Palmpay Referral

On the Home page click on refer and earn you will be taken to the to the page where you will be seeing your current invitees, you current amount made, and also your remaining days left to complete the task.

Steps to Earn money online using Palmpay application

The following is the guiding steps to to Earn money online using Palmpay referral program. Earn up to 7000 naira per day using this program. These are steps I complete in few minutes and make money on palmpay.

STEP 1:  Share your referral Link

Share your link to the person you are referring, he/she should follow the link and input his/her mobile number and then download the Palmpay application.

Make Money on Palmpay step 1

STEP 2: Register the Application

Your invitee should, register the application duly, and fill the necessary information and also create transaction pin (four digit pin).

Make Money on Palmpay step 2

STEP 3: Complete KYC Verification

They should complete using bank account, BVN or NIN, first, before purchasing the airtime using the free airtime voucher given to your invitee.

Make Money on Palmpay step 3

Without completing KYC your reward might be blocked and you will lose everything

STEP 4: Purchase Airtime

Normally the new user gets free 100 naira airtime coupon, you can use that coupon to purchase airtime of 100 and above. It is the last step of claiming your reward. Once your invitee has purchase an airtime, you can go to yyour referral page to see that your bonus has been added

Make Money on Palmpay step 5

STEP 5: Withdraw your Earning

After completing the task above, you will be reward with 700 and asked to withdraw it to your main Palmpay wallet balance. Or you will be asked to invite 2 more users to get up to 2000 naira. Withdraw your earning and enjoy.

Make Money on Palmpay step 5

This is one of the easiest way to Earn money online using Palmpay within few minutes. Remember the more you invite the more you earn.

Can I make money on palmpay app?

It is undoubtful that with the referral program you can make money on Palmpay, at least a not less than 700+ per day

Do I need to deposit or pay for the program to make money on Palmpay?

No the Palmpay program is absolutely free.

Do I have my own referral Link?

Yes everyone has a unique link that, they would use to make money on palmpay. note that it renews every time you make a withdrawal or after 7 days.


this is one of the best and easiest way to to Earn money online using Palmpay, by referring your friends each invite you are paid a whole sum of 700 naira.

Imagine you have registered or referred up to 10 people in a day that is about 7000 naira and almost 50k in a week this means it is a good way to make money on palmpay. Come on what are you waiting for, just go ahead and earn money online using Palmpay. If you love this guide please share with your friends,  If you have any questions please drop it in the comment sections, and get answered immediately.

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